17-15 Charlie 17-15

8 year-old Female

Charlie has been in GRRIN foster care for a little over a month. She just turned 8 years old but needed to lose a few pounds and we were concerned she had some orthopedic issues. She was placed in a foster home with the intention that the foster family will make her a permanent part of the family and this girl is not available for adoption; however, we want you to see what great work our volunteers do so here’s an update from her foster mom!

She’s doing great. She’s been walking 2-3 miles total every day without any seeming discomfort. She came to us with struggles getting up from laying down, mostly, and that persists but it certainly hasn’t gotten any worse. She loudly and enthusiastically greets the prospect of each walk and really has no problems keeping up. She loves to play fetch with tennis balls and is great at bringing them directly back which is a skill our Goldens never developed.  So, all is well. She is a nice addition to our household.