18-06 Mattie 18-06

9 year-old Female

Mattie has turned into a model citizen while in foster care with Danny. She is nine years young and has a sweet temperament. She is very active and is always up for a game of Frisbee or fetch. She enjoys quiet time as well and has learned the fine art of snuggling on the couch. She loves walks and is very curious about all the wonderful smells she finds. She has become quite good at meeting new dogs and people, including children. She is intelligent and very attentive to her human companions. She loves sharing floor space with her people. She does not appear to be aggressive toward cats, but may be quite curious. She is getting along very well with the resident male dog in the foster home and only scolds him when he butt-bumps her too hard. Mattie is a senior dog who can participate in family activities or be as mellow as you want.

NOTE: We are currently accepting applications for Mattie.