18-08 Charlie 18-08

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Charlie has been adopted! Stay tuned for her furever story.


Say “Hello” to Charlie!  Charlie is an 8 year old former breeding dog that has left the farm! She has been relishing her first tastes of what it’s like to be an indoor dog and is quite enjoying the experience. She is a very sweet and gentle girl who is a beautiful golden color with very soft, fluffy fur. She is being taught the nuances of potty training and how to manage the stress of dealing with storms. She loves the attention that comes with being brushed and enjoys being spoken to in a soft and gentle manner.

Charlie’s ideal home would be a quiet household with no children and her people retired or semi-retired so they can spend time lavishing her with the loving attention she so richly deserves. Having spent her first eight years as an outdoor dog with little to no attention being paid to her, she is easily frightened of what most of us consider to be “normal” everyday noises. She is not yet comfortable going for extended walks outside, but once they become routine, I expect that she will get just as much enjoyment out of them as you.  She doesn’t really have any concept of playing, so rough-housing or playing fetch with her is likely not going to be something she would enjoy, but she is smart, so tricks may not be out of the question. If you are looking for more of a quiet companion, this is your girl.  She is very eager to please once she has warmed up to you.