18-19 Cooper 18-19

Adopted by:
Brian and Abby

Just hanging out with my toys!

Cooper has been adopted! It took a few months to find the right home for this busy youngster, but he’ll have a wonderful time with his new adoptive parents and dog buddies, Leroy and Crosby. Stay tuned for his official happy “tail”!

Hi! I am Cooper and I am 9 months old. I am your typical puppy. I like to play a lot with the resident dogs that I am living with. I am a curious guy. I have to check out every corner around my house.  It is so nice to have lots of toys. I need to chew on hard toys right now like bones and balls because my teeth are still pretty sharp. I really like soft toys too, but I do tear them up pretty fast.

I am really talented. I am good at sitting when you ask me to. I have learned to lay down too, but I am learning to stay there. I have not learned to ‘shake’ yet. I guess that takes time. I have been told that I am handsome. My coat is very light. I wonder if it will stay that way. I am a small boy. That’s not all bad. I won’t take up all of the couch then!


If you would like a puppy with lots of energy and you like to teach pups, then please call GRRIN!!  I would love to meet you!


Ready for ADVENTURE!