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Have you ever wanted to help out GRRIN by doing almost nothing? If you are an online shopper, you can earn money for GRRIN simply by making purchases on amazon.

Our Amazon Smiles donations were $188.20 in 2017!

How can I do this amazing thing?

When you want to shop on amazon, simply go to instead of It’s exactly the same as amazon, but a small percentage of your eligible purchases will be donated to GRRIN.

How will amazon know I want to support GRRIN?

To select GRRIN as your organization of choice to receive donations, simply click on this link:

(Alternatively, you can search for “Golden Retriever Rescue in Nebraska” on AmazonSmile and select us as your organization.)

You only need to do this once. In the future, amazon will remember that you want your shopping to support GRRIN.

Is it really that easy?

Yes! So go to and shop to support GRRIN!

Still have questions?

Go to the AmazonSmile about page to learn more about the program:

GRRIN needs foster families



We need your help!

If you’ve thought about fostering or have fostered for GRRIN in the past, please consider volunteering for this very worthwhile cause. During the summer months we tend to be short on foster homes because school is out or families are traveling. Unfortunately, we’ve been unable to act quickly to get surrendered dogs into GRRIN because we just don’t have enough homes that can take them on short notice.

While the number of dogs coming through our rescue has decreased over the years (a great problem to have, right?), the number of dogs with particular needs has increased. When we get a senior dog who has serious medical problems, GRRIN pays for the veterinary costs, but the foster family is expected to take the dog for treatment(s).   When we get surrenders from a breeder, those dogs have frequently never been indoors and therefore have to be house trained and taught the behaviors involved with living with a family. If a dog comes in that has never walked on a leash, the foster family is tasked with teaching that skill to make him/her more adoptable. If you can offer a home for ANY rescued Golden Retriever, please consider helping GRRIN.

When you foster, the one thing you can count on is that you’ll have an amazing experience inviting a rescue dog into your home and you’ll have GRRIN’s team of rescue volunteers helping you along the way.

Would you like to learn more about fostering for GRRIN?  Send an email to and include your phone number so we can call you and answer any questions you might have.

Bookworm Meet & Greet on February 5th

Thanks to foster dogs Peaches and Stella for meeting and greeting at The Bookworm!


Come visit GRRIN from noon-1pm on Sunday, February 5th, at The Bookworm’s location in Loveland Centre on 90th and Center.

A small, cozy and quiet setting to meet a Golden that is in foster care. Visit The Bookworm on the first Sunday of the month, noon to one p.m. This is an indoor event! Click here for a map.


The Bookworm
Loveland Centre
90th and Center Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68114





Canine Cancer Memorial Page



Golden retrievers are amazing, beautiful, friendly, loyal, and loving dogs, but they are also dogs that are diagnosed with cancer at a very high rate. In fact, research has indicated that approximately 60% of all American Golden Retrievers will pass away from some form of cancer.

Visit the page that has been created to honor those beloved Goldens who have passed from this unfortunate diagnosis:

Thank you for Attending Gold Rush!



Silver and Gold Rush 2016

GRRIN’s favorite color is gold, right? In 2016, however, we’ve been giving an important nod to silver as we celebrate GRRIN’s 25th anniversary. Put them together on October 2nd and we had Silver and Gold Rush! This year’s event included close to 100 guests, 30-some volunteers and over 60 dogs – predominantly Goldens with a sprinkling of other breeds.  Offutt Base Lake Park in Bellevue continues to be a great setting for Gold Rush and that, combined with wonderful weather (again!), means we couldn’t go wrong.

Here are highlights from the day:

  • Vendors Papillion Animal Hospital and Nature Dog;
  • The GRRIN Boutique sold lots of great merchandise;
  • Current GRRIN foster dogs were introduced on stage and remained on-hand to greet guests;
  • Games and activities for dogs, adults and kids;
  • Animal rehabilitation therapy demonstration courtesy of Michelle Eckermann, DVM, Five Elements Veterinary Alternatives;
  • Training Demo with Gary Platt and Kathy Rasinowich-Platt, Innovative Dog Training;
  • Our can’t-miss Halloween costume contest for dogs;
  • Last but not least, the wonderful parade of rescued Goldens;
  • Great food throughout the day afternoon including 25th anniversary cake;
  • Curt Bright with The String Beans provided music throughout the day; and
  • Finally, congratulations to Joe Muller, winner of the silent auction for two roundtrip tickets generously donated by Southwest Airlines with proceeds to benefit GRRIN.

Thanks to everyone who attended and volunteered for Gold Rush 2016! It’s such a fun way to connect with friends and Goldens while reinforcing GRRIN’s mission.  We look forward to seeing everyone at Gold Rush 2017, tentatively set for October 1.





Greetings GRRIN Readers! Valentine, York, Aurora, Sydney, and Madison here! Four months ago we were Goldens living on the streets of Turkey. Now we are here in Nebraska living new lives, with loving families.

Our journey started when we flew from Turkey and landed in Chicago on May 20th. After this long flight we were met in Chicago by GRRIN volunteers who cleaned us, fed and watered us, and then gave us some hugs and belly rubs (this was the best part of all). The next day, after a long drive, we arrived in Omaha to many open arms, and the GRRIN foster families who welcomed us into their homes.

The next weeks and months were a learning process for everyone. We had to learn about living in a home (couches and beds are particularly nice), and that we could relax because we had humans who would take care of us. On top of the usual challenges faced by foster families, OUR foster families had to learn about caring for dogs who had been fending for themselves and roaming freely, particularly York, a.k.a “Don’t-fence-me-in.” In the end, GRRIN volunteers being GRRIN volunteers, and Goldens being Goldens, we all figured it out.

Through the same system that GRRIN has used for 25 years now (loving foster families and hard work by all of the Rescue Team members), GRRIN has been able to find loving, caring homes for all of us from Turkey (we don’t like being referred to as Turkey dogs.)

We are Goldens to whom the word “rescue” truly applies. Thank you to the entire GRRIN family for helping to give us a life that we could only imagine. We truly believe we have struck gold!

Yours furever,


Valentine, York, Aurora, Sydney, Madison

Special note: As we worked on this update about our rescue dogs from Turkey, one of the five, Madison, was diagnosed with late- stage Leukemia. We still can’t believe it, but she crossed the Rainbow Bridge within a few weeks. She was in the loving arms of her foster mom and caseworker, who worked tirelessly to make her comfortable in her last days. We’ve decided to keep the update as originally written. You can read more about all of the dogs on the Happy Tails and In Memory pages.

Omaha Gives!


Omaha Gives Thank You- 2015 Slider

Thanks to the generous spirit of our supporters, $7305 was raised for GRRIN during Omaha Gives! The community gave a total of $8.8 million to 783 different non-profit organizations.

Wednesday, May 25th – Midnight to Midnight

GRRIN is proud to be participating in Omaha Gives! – a 24-hour charitable challenge organized by the Omaha Community Foundation. The online giving holiday will take place May 25th from midnight to midnight. Mark your calendars because we will need your help!  We will be joining over 700 local nonprofits to raise money together and compete for matching funds and prize money. The more money we raise, the larger the percentage of the bonus dollars we will receive. The more donors we get to give to us, the more likely we are to win prizes.

Go to GRRIN’s Omaha Gives! page to make your donation on May 25th, then watch the leader board to see how much money the Omaha community has contributed throughout the day.

OmahaGives2015_LetsGiveTogether_horizYou can also schedule a gift! For your convenience, you can schedule gifts through May 24th. We encourage you to donate early if you cannot participate on May 25th.

Why does GRRIN need donors? The majority of our funds cover veterinary expenses – over $350 per dog we cared for in 2015. As we celebrate 25 years of rescue in 2016, GRRIN will embark on an exciting new international mission to bring five dogs to the Midwest from Istanbul, Turkey. The very first flight of pups will arrive in Chicago at the end of May, and GRRIN volunteers will transport them to Omaha.

GRRIN will continue to cover the cost of spay and neuter procedures, testing and monthly medications for dogs with allergies, along with treatment for dogs with heartworms, epilepsy, and thyroid imbalance. In addition, monthly heartworm and parasite prevention are administered to each foster dog along with annual vaccinations and a microchip. Many of our foster dogs in 2015 were eight years of age and older, classified as seniors. We are extremely grateful to have the resources to care for these Golden oldies with loving foster homes and the ability to cover all of their medical expenses so they can live comfortably in their later years.

This is a Golden opportunity to unleash your generosity! Our goal this year is to raise $10,000. Your donation will help cover the Turkey rescue mission, annual veterinary expenses, and care for three of our senior dogs that will remain in foster homes indefinitely.



THANK YOU for your support!


Turkey Dogs Are Coming to GRRIN!

Turkey Dog White Background

UPDATE 5/22: The Turkey dogs have been receiving a lot of media coverage. Check out some of the stories here:



UPDATE 5/20 @ 4pm: The Turkey dogs have landed! No matter what country they’re from, they still have that Golden spirit. Here are some photos of the newly landed pups!

Turkey Dog Arrival 1 Turkey Dog Arrival 2 Turkey Dog Arrival 3

UPDATE 5/20 @ 8am: The Turkey dogs are officially in the air and on their way to Nebraska! All five dogs that GRRIN is welcoming into rescue will meet with their foster families this weekend after their long trip. Here are pictures of the five new dogs:

Turkey Dog Female - Madison Turkey-Dog-Female---Aurora-edited Turkey-Dog-Female---Sydney-edited-web Turkey-Dog-Female---Valentine-edited-web Turkey-Dog-Male---York-edited-web

Thank you to all of our supporters! Stay tuned for an updated list.

Fox 42 featured the Turkey dog mission here!


Golden Retriever Rescue in Nebraska will rescue five Golden Retrievers from Istanbul, Turkey. The very first flight of pups will arrive in Chicago at the end of May, and GRRIN volunteers will transport them to Omaha.

The life of a Golden Retriever in Turkey is very different than a normal house dog in America. There are many homeless dogs in Turkey. With minimal room in Turkish shelters, many of these dogs live on the street or in forests after they are spayed/neutered and given rabies vaccines. Because Golden Retrievers are not effective pack dogs and are of gentle nature, their odds of surviving on the street are not favorable. These dogs are in need of a fur-ever home and a family who will love them unconditionally.

Dogs in Turkey Await Transport

Dogs wait for transport at a shelter in Turkey

Q & A – Turkey Golden Retrievers


Why are you rescuing dogs from Turkey?

As we mentioned before, there are many homeless Golden Retrievers in Turkey. One of GRRIN’s missions is to rescue a Golden in need, and dogs located outside of the U.S. are no exception to that. There has also been a decrease in the number of foster dogs within GRRIN due to a lack of surrenders. We used to foster at least 50 dogs per year, but since 2010 we have only averaged 25-30 foster dogs per year – and we still receive the same number of applicants and always maintain a waiting list. Some of our families wait a year to adopt a Golden through GRRIN. We know that there are many loving families within our state who are more than willing to help a pup in need. That’s why we’ve decided to participate in rescuing Turkey dogs.

What kind of medical care do they receive in Turkey?

Golden Retrievers coming from Turkey do not receive a great deal of specialty care. They are spayed or neutered and receive rabies vaccines while living in Turkey. Dogs with health issues are not allowed to travel outside of the country.

Why aren’t they quarantined when they arrive in the U.S.?

The dogs are isolated together in Turkey, and receive health certificates and passports before leaving the country. U.S. Customs and Border Protection must review the dogs’ documentation and clear each pup once they have arrived within America.

How are they transported to the U.S.?

Just as humans do, Turkey dogs fly in air-conditioned, pressurized cabins to ensure they are comfortable for the long plane ride. To ensure that all transported dogs arrive safely, they are housed in individual storage crates.

What happens after they arrive in the U.S.?

Turkey dogs are treated just like any other new pup in our care. Each dog receives a wellness exam, blood work and fecal tests. We also like to evaluate each dog’s temperament and knowledge. For instance, are they capable of walking on a leash. And yes, they will have to learn to understand English commands!

Does adopting Turkey Dogs negatively affect the adoption of Golden Retrievers who need to be rescued in the U.S.?

No, there are waiting lists of loving families all over the country who are ready to help a Golden Retriever in need. There is no risk to Golden Retrievers in the U.S. with the adoption of Turkey dogs. GRRIN has many foster homes available, so local dogs needing care will not be affected.

Is the process for adopting a Turkey dog different than normal?

The adoption fee for a Turkey dog is $600. This is much more than our standard adoption fee of $300. The extra cost helps us cover transportation expenses to bring these dogs to America. GRRIN will process applications like we do for all of our dogs that need a fur-ever home. A fenced yard is required and dogs must live indoors as part of the family. We may have more specific needs for each dog.

To donate, go here.

Check out these news articles to learn more about the Turkey Dog mission:


Retrieve A Golden of Minnesota (RAGOM) – Latest Rescue


CNN: How Istanbul’s Abandoned Street Dogs End Up in America

CNN: Turkey Rescue Dogs Thriving In U.S.

CNN: A Homeless Dog’s 5,000 Mile Journey Ends with Forever Home

WSB-TV: First Moments in America for 36 Golden Retrievers from Istanbul

25th Anniversary Dinner & Silent Auction

25th Anniversary Dinner Slider-01

Thanks to our sponsors and donors!

Mark Langan

Mark Langan, Vice-President of Field Operations at the Nebraska Humane Society and best-selling author of Busting Bad Guys


A Lotta Brownies • Bagel Bin • Bank of the West • The Bookworm • Dave Buechler • Roger Campbell • David & Julie Churilla • Colleen Cochrane • Kathy Creighton • Eagle Run Golf Course • A Hill of Beans • Jimmy Ellis • Jimmy John’s • JoAnn Farrell • Collean Fullmer • Owen Henderson, DVM • Hy-Vee • Kitty Kentsmith • Kevin & Dora Klein • Mark Langan • Lazlo’s • Long Dog Fat Cat • Mama’s Pizza • Liz Marriott • Linda Natale • Pam Nathan • Nature Dog • Natural Grocers • Olive Garden • Perrigo Animal Health • Jim & Jeri Regan • Mark Renner, N.P. Dodge • Rich & Laura Roccaforte • Round the Bend Steakhouse • Mike Rustkalis, DVM • Jaclin Smith • Southwest Airlines • David Stevens, TD Ameritrade • S.M. Stevens & Associates, LLC • Kate Spielman • Three Dog Bakery • Cecily Tinder • Thad & Janie Tinder • Two Tails Dog Bakery • Upstream Brewing Company • Veterinary Eye Specialists • Dr. Tonya McIlnay • Ken & Rita Vetter • Vincenzo’s • Rich & Kathy Woodward • Barb Zelechoski

Oh, what a night!

The Platte Room at Soaring Wings Winery was filled to capacity for GRRIN’s anniversary dinner on April 16th. Original founders Barb Zelechoski and Deb Goll were special guests for the evening.  Barb gave an informative and motivational speech about national and local rescue efforts. A wonderful dinner from Mangia Italiana was followed by our second speaker, Mark Langan, author of the best-selling book, Busting Bad Guys.

The silent auction bidding closed at 9:30p.m. and nearly $4000 was raised! This event would not have been possible without the endless hours given by the committee volunteers and the folks who showed up early on the night of the 16th to make sure we were ready to roll.

Special thanks also to Three Dog Bakery for providing yummy take-home treats for lucky dogs & A Lotta Brownies for helping GRRIN serve an amazing post-dinner treat for the humans! Finally, Curt Bright & The String Beans for setting up our sound system. Please note our many donors and sponsors and their support of GRRIN!


IMG_2072 IMG_3810 IMG_3817 IMG_3825 IMG_3836 IMG_3839 IMG_3843 IMG_3816



Photos from March Meet & Greet at The Bookworm

Bookworm Meet and Greet - March 2016 - Slider-01


Thanks for coming out to meet Babe and Misty. Here are two pictures of our beautiful ladies from the event. The top photo is of Babe. The bottom is of Misty.

16-03-Babe-at-Bookworm-03-2016-web 16-04-Misty-at-Bookworm-03-2016-web



Come visit GRRIN from noon-1pm on Sunday, March 6th to meet Babe (and maybe Misty!) at The Bookworm’s location in Loveland Centre on 90th and Center. Thank you for supporting The Bookworm during 2015!

A small, cozy and quiet setting to meet a Golden that is in foster care. Visit The Bookworm on the first Sunday of the month, noon to one p.m. This is an indoor event! Click here for a map.


The Bookworm
Loveland Centre
90th and Center Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68114



See the event listing on the GRRIN calendar:

Rescue Dog Meet & Greet @ The Bookworm


Pictures from the NHS’s Taylor Made Rescue Rally


Thanks for coming out to visit with GRRIN and the other rescues at the NHS Tayler Made Rescue Rally! If you missed it, here are a couple of photos from the event.

Rescue-Rally-2016-Bogie-1-web Rescue-Rally-2016-Bogie-2-web Rescue-Rally-2016-Bogie-3-web Rescue-Rally-2016-Bogie-4-web Rescue-Rally-2016-Milo-&-Bogie-web Rescue-Rally-2016-Milo-web


GRRIN will be at NHS this Sunday at the Taylor Made Rescue Rally. Stop by between 11am and 2pm and say hi to some of our foster and ambassador dogs. For more information, see the event post on our calendar:

NHS Taylor Made Rescue Rally

GRRIN is Celebrating 25 Years!

25th Anniversary Slider-01

Founded in 1991, this year marks GRRIN’s 25th year of rescuing Golden Retrievers in Nebraska, Iowa, and surrounding areas. We will be finding many ways to celebrate this year. Here are a few of the ways you can join us.

Read Our Story

Interested in how GRRIN got its start? Read the story of our founding written by one of the three founding members.

Share Your Photos

As we at GRRIN gear up for our 25th anniversary, we’d like to ask GRRIN followers to share old photos they have of their GRRIN dogs and GRRIN events.

Attend an Event

Are you interested in meeting a foster dog? Attending a dog-friendly social event? Attending the GRRIN annual meeting? Check out a list of our upcoming events or the GRRIN event calendar.


Want to help make sure that GRRIN will still be strong 25 years from now? Volunteer your time and talents. There are many ways to help! Learn more about the different ways you can contribute.

Happy Tails

Want a great reminder of why GRRIN does the work that it does? Read some of our Happy Tails – stories of rescued Goldens finding their forever homes.

Share Your Photos with GRRIN!


As we at GRRIN gear up for our 25th anniversary, we’d like to ask GRRIN followers to share old photos they have of their GRRIN dogs and GRRIN events. Anything you would like to share would be great, especially if you have any photos from before 1997.

To share digital photos via email, send them to

If you have physical photos and do not have a way to digitize them (such as using a scanner) or you have questions about how to do it, email or and someone will get back to you to help.

If you have any photos or memorabilia you would like to mail, send them to the GRRIN address:

Golden Retriever Rescue in Nebraska
PO Box 126
Boys Town, NE 68010

Thanks for 25 years of support!

Thanks for Attending! GRRIN Annual Volunteer Training for 2016


Thank you to everyone for attending GRRIN’s annual training meeting held at the Nebraska Humane Society on Sunday, January 31st! GRRIN foster dogs Bella, Dan, Gracie, and Bogie were able to take part with their foster families and kick off GRRIN’s 25th year of rescuing Golden Retrievers.

Nearly fifty volunteers and friends of GRRIN spent the afternoon learning about various aspects of rescue, including intake, transport, home visits, adoptions, and working on the Goldline. Kelley McAtee and Gina Rotella from Dharma Dog Training shared tips about how to work with dogs that have just arrived in a new foster or adoptive home. Dr. Michelle Eckermann, a canine therapist at Five Elements Veterinary Alternatives, demonstrated physical therapy techniques she has used with her GRRIN foster dog Bogie.

If you were unable to attend the meeting and would like to learn more about volunteering for GRRIN, please send an email to

(c)GRRIN_logo-25Years-OUT GRRIN training GRRIN training2 GRRIN training3 GRRIN training4 GRRIN training5

 Special Note: Bring GRRIN Photos!

As we at GRRIN gear up for our 25th anniversary, we’d like to ask GRRIN followers to share old photos they have of their GRRIN dogs and GRRIN events. Anything you would like to share would be great, especially if you have any photos from before 1997. So, if you have any you’d like to share, bring them to the training on Sunday and one of our volunteers will scan them for you on site! (If you have any digital photos you would like to email, you can send them to


It’s time for annual training!

Sunday, January 31st, 2016
Volunteer Luncheon 12:00 to 12:30 p.m.
Training 12:30 – 4:00 p.m.
Nebraska Humane Society Auditorium


Whether you’re already a GRRIN volunteer or just thinking about becoming one,

Please plan to join us as we socialize and cover hot rescue topics!

  • Lunch will be provided along with snacks and beverages
  • More to come on agenda items!

The Nebraska Humane Society is located at 8929 Fort Street, Omaha.

We will be in the auditorium (hallway to the right of the main entrance).

In case of inclement weather, we will post cancellation information on our website and Facebook page.

Check out Bogie’s New Videos!

Bogie recently visited The Bookworm and we were able to get some video of him browsing the book stacks.  We even captured the magic of bladder expression – yes, we said it – and it’s surprisingly easy!  There are many rescue animals that need this type of care and GRRIN is trying to share the news that it is an easy procedure. The videos are also on GRRIN’s Facebook page and our Vimeo page (  Please contact GRRIN at 402-330-6680 or if you would like to learn more about Bogie!




Bogie before his diagnosis

Bogie during rehabilitation

Bogie today!

Bogie today!

Bogie is ready to meet families and find a “furever” home. Even though he has been diagnosed with a condition and will have permanent partial paralysis and weakness in his hind end, he is still moving through life with the typical Golden smile. He charms everyone he meets and his foster mom would love to see him in a permanent home with a family that has the capacity to give continued care.

If you would like to learn more about Bogie, please contact GRRIN at 402-330-6680 or, and one of our volunteers will get in touch with you.

Bogie has been featured on the Pets in Omaha website. Click below to read the story:

Visit Bogie’s UPDATED profile:



Thanks to everyone who came out to meet and greet at Growl-O-Ween!  GRRIN volunteers saw some amazing canine costumes.  Foster dogs Dan and Leroy were able to attend along with adopted GRRIN dog Greta.

Growloween 2015 - DanGrowloween 2015 - Leroy Growloween 2015 - Dan growloween2015-3Growloween 2015- Greta

When: Saturday, October 24th, 10am-1pm
Where: Three Dog Bakery @ Midtown Crossing  –  30th and Farnam Streets

For more information, visit the website:

Pirate Dog word bubble

Thanks for Joining GRRIN for Pups on the Patio

Thanks for Attending Pups on the Patio - Rick Fox - Post ImageThank you to everyone who came out to Pups on the Patio in memory of Rick Fox a few weeks ago.  The patio was packed with dogs and their humans, the weather was beautiful, and a great time was had by all.

GRRIN lost a dear friend and supporter with Rick’s passing.  Rick and his wife Shelly adopted Norman in 2008.  Norman was a dog that came from Kansas and had survived a tornado; he and Shelly loved that Norman and their sheepdog Stella were such good friends.  Stella passed away and a new Golden puppy Marge came in and is giving Norman a run for his money.

When volunteers were looking for a site to hold GRRIN’s fundraiser Kibble ‘n Bids in 2011, they reached out to Rick to see if he would help.  He didn’t hesitate to open up Julio’s and took great care of us that year and in 2012.  Many GRRIN meetings and social gatherings were held at Julio’s over the past few years.  Rick was always there to greet everyone, especially the Goldens.  Julio’s has every intention of continuing its involvement with GRRIN and hopes to see everyone there soon!

Here are some photos from the event

Pups on the Patio - 08 2015 - Cindy with Sandy

Sandy got adopted!

Pups on the Patio - 08 2015 - Sandy Adoption Pups on the Patio - 08 2015 - Pet me Pups on the Patio - 08 2015 - Family Photo Pups on the Patio - 08 2015 - eating and talkingAlso, a little insight into the process of trying to get 13 dogs to line up!

Pups on the Patio - 08 2015 - 1 Pups on the Patio - 08 2015 - 2 Pups on the Patio - 08 2015 - 3 Pups on the Patio - 08 2015 - 4 Pups on the Patio - 08 2015 - 5Someday we’ll get them into a perfect line! Until then, we’ll just love them for the wonderful animals and members of our families that they are.

Omaha Gives Results

Omaha Gives Thank You- 2015 SliderThank you GRRIN supporters for your outstanding participation in Omaha Gives! Preliminary numbers show that we met our goal and raised $5032 just before midnight with the help of several last-minute donors. Your donations will help us cover extraordinary medical care needed for GRRIN foster dogs.

Thanks also to the humans and canines who braved the cold and came out to Julio’s to celebrate Omaha’s biggest giving day!  Foster dog Goldie, and adopted dogs Ellie and Belle, thought the temperature was perfect – check out those smiles!

Omaha Gives Yappy Hour 4 Omaha Gives Yappy Hour 3 Omaha Gives Yappy Hour 2 Omaha Gives Yappy Hour 1

Golden Retrievers Research Study


Seeking Golden Retrievers Newly Diagnosed with Lymphoma

Veterinarians at the University of Missouri, Colorado State University, and Texas A&M University seek Golden Retrievers with a new diagnosis of lymphoma for an important research study. Goldens with lymphoma that has not yet been treated with chemotherapy or prednisone and who do not have elevated blood calcium may receive a diagnostic biopsy and flow cytometry analysis of their tumor at no cost for the procedures. Dogs must be evaluated at one of the participating Universities.

This study seeks to classify B cell lymphomas more thoroughly and will provide information to the owner that is valuable in making clinical decisions. It also seeks to determine the underlying alterations in the tumor cells to provide clues for cause and for new therapeutic approaches. Standard consultation fees apply, but eligible dogs will receive these two tests at no cost, and clients will learn within a week if their dog’s lymphoma is T or B cell.

For more information and to schedule an appointment, please contact the appropriate University at the number below and ask to speak to the clinical trials coordinator:

University of Missouri: 573-882-7821

Colorado State University: 970-297-5000

Texas A&M: 979-845-2351

This trial is jointly funded by the AKC Canine Health Foundation and the Golden Retriever Foundation.

From the GRCA Research Facilitator or 330-338-4236

In Memory of Deb Walz

GRRIN has lost a dear friend. Debra L Walz passed September 17th, 2014, and our hearts are with her husband Dan and loving family. Deb had many talents, but the one we know best is her passion for Golden Retrievers. She was a loyal volunteer, former member of the GRRIN Board of Directors, strong supporter, and fierce advocate for Goldens in need. Meeting Deb at the Rainbow Bridge were Woita, Shammy, Max, Sophie, and Selka. Gunner and Sasha remain with Dan.

Deb Walz
Deb Walz 3 Deb Walz 4 Deb Walz 5 Deb Walz 6