Gold Rush 2015 Wrap-up



Gold Rush 2015 Thank You Slider-01Check out this video containing tons of pictures from the day’s events:

Thank you so much to all of you who attended GRRIN’s Gold Rush 2015 event!

What a perfect Fall day for all of the dogs and families to enjoy. This year, we had 175 people/families in attendance – and 61 dogs!

Gold Rush 2015 104Tiny White SquareOf course, we couldn’t have done this without all of our volunteers, so thank you so much to everyone who enthusiastically gave their time, energy, and baked goodies to make Gold Rush a success!

In case you missed it (or even if you didn’t), there was so much to do!

Educational Programs: AKC Canine Good Citizen program with Marcy Graybill and a training demonstration from Gary & Kathy Platt, Innovative Dog Training

Gold Rush 2015 Good Citizen 025Gold Rush 2015 Training Demonstration 2 Platt Gold Rush 2015 Training Demonstration 109Tiny White SquareAsk-a-Vet: Dr. Melody Kaliff, Animal Clinic Suburban, Omaha

Games: Special thanks to the following volunteers for making these activities a success:

  • Cake Walk: Bruce and Bobbi Moore; and Amy Bazer
  • BINGOLDEN: Rosemary Verzani
  • Shell Game: Helen Moore
  • Pin the Tail on the Cat: Erika Ryser
  • Face Painting and Paw Print Art: Julie and Suzanne Sharp
  • Fortune Teller: Elbert Traylor, Tessa Pucinsky and Jon Sprinkel

Gold Rush 2015 Cake Walk-2  Gold Rush 2015 Games 027 Gold Rush 2015 Game 098 Gold Rush 2015 Game 088Gold Rush 2015 Cake Walk GameGold Rush 2015 Game 024Gold Rush 2015 Game Find the biscuitTiny White SquareParade of Rescues: It was inspiring to see so many “fur-ever” families. It was a great reminder of why GRRIN does what it does.

Gold Rush 2015 Rescue 119 Gold Rush 2015 Rescue 122 Gold Rush 2015 Rescue 126 Gold Rush 2015 Rescue 128Gold Rush 2015 Rescue 014Gold Rush 2015 Rescue 020Gold Rush 2015 Dusty 057Tiny White SquareNEW this year: Parade of Foster Dogs: Nearly all of GRRIN’s foster dogs were highlighted during the parade and available to meet families afterwards.

Gold Rush 2015 Fosters 051Gold Rush 2015 Fosters 037Gold Rush 2015 Fosters 039Gold Rush 2015 Fosters 041Gold Rush 2015 Fosters 043Gold Rush 2015 Fosters 045Gold Rush 2015 Fosters 046Gold Rush 2015 Fosters 059Tiny White SquareDonations: Even though Gold Rush is not a fundraising event, we received over $1000 in donations! Thank you so much for your generosity!

Costume Contest: There was a costume contest for the canine attendees! First, second, and third place were awarded.

Gold Rush 2015 Costume 063 Gold Rush 2015 Costume 064   Gold Rush 2015 Costume 081  Gold Rush 2015 Costume 090

Gold Rush 2015 Costume 073Gold Rush 2015 Costume 082Gold Rush 2015 Costume 080Gold Rush 2015 Costume 071Gold Rush 2015 Costume 067Tiny White SquareGRRIN Boutique: Limited edition Gold Rush long-sleeved tees almost sold out! A big thank you to Boutique workers Cathi Smetana, Michele Acri, Pam Nathan and Heather Wrenn.

Gold Rush 2015 GRRIN Botique 005 Gold Rush 2015 GRRIN Botique 003

Tiny White SquareVendor Booths: Lots of free goodies and coupons were handed out by our generous vendors! Merck (Home Again and Bravecto), Animal Clinic Suburban, Peace of Mind In-Home Pet Care, and Three Dog Bakery.

Silent Auction: The 3 Southwest Airlines round-trip tickets went for $1400 – with all proceeds going to GRRIN! Thank you to Southwest Airlines for its generous donation, and thank you to all of the bidders – especially the winning bidders! A big shout-out to Dennis Garrett for making this awesome donation possible!

Special Emcee: Carol Staab from NTV’s (Kearney) Good Life morning program

Gold Rush 2015 103 Gold Rush 2015 Rescue 128Tiny White SquareGuest Check-in: Diane Metz, Arleen Banning and Sue Sprinkel

Volunteer Check-in: Judy Davis and Jill Shefte

Gold Rush 2015 Sign in 008 Gold Rush 2015 Sign in007Tiny White SquareGRRIN Outreach and Info: Judy Rippe, Cindy Strough and Marilyn Maude

Photography: JoAnn Farrell and James Staab

Sound system and awesome music: Curt Bright with The String Beans

Food and Refreshments: Nancy Bowen, Konda and Tim Nietfeld and Danielle Pedersen for making chili, grilling hot dogs and serving food.

Gold Rush 2015 Rescue 014Gold Rush 2015 Food 067Tiny White SquareRescue Team Info: Barb Garrett, Kate Spielman and Mary Jane Fitch for manning the GRRIN foster/adoption table and finalizing TWO adoptions during Gold Rush.

Gold Rush 2015 Tanner 070 Gold Rush 2015 086 Gold Rush 2015 Info Tent 102 Gold Rush 2015 Adoption 101 Gold Rush 2015 058

Tiny White SquareGold Rush Signage Assistance: Tracey and Mike Ellis, Megan Van Alstine and Ian Sanders, Kristin Smock, and Jim Fitch

Set-up and Tear-down: Dennis and Barb Garrett, Curt Bright, Kathy Glenn, Seth Ryser, Tori Jo Ryan and family, Dick Davis, Joe Muller and Nancy Bowen.

Special thanks to Kevin Cole from the Omaha World Herald for sharing this special day with GRRIN and writing about it!  Check out the story at:

Gold Rush 2015 Omaha World Herald StoryTiny White SquareCan’t wait to see you at Gold Rush 2016!!!