Happy Tails

Our goal in GRRIN is to get every foster dog to their forever home. Each “Happy Tail” is a reflection of the caring effort shared by volunteers and the families who open up their homes to a rescued Golden Retriever.

Would you like to submit a story for your recently adopted dog or send an update for a former adoption? Contact GRRIN at webmaster@grrin.org.

20-08 Daisy

Daisy has been adopted! We’ll post her “furever” story soon!

  • Adopted by: Denise & Jim
  • #20-08

20-07 Copper

Stay tuned for Copper’s “happy tail”!

  • Adopted by: Mike & Julie
  • #20-07

20-12 Sadie

Update! Sadie has been adopted by her foster family. Traditionally, foster families plan to prepare a rescue dog for their “furever” home, but sometimes the foster home turns out to be a perfect match! Thank you to the other families that reached out to GRRIN and expressed their interest in Sadie.  

  • #20-12

20-11 Sammy

This youngster entered GRRIN in September and was adopted by his foster family! Check back for his “happy tail” story.

  • Adopted by: Mark & Megan
  • #20-11

19-35 Murphy

Hi there! Murphy here! Still living the good life and acting like a boy half my age. After I had to leave my first home, I wasn’t sure where I was going to end up. Then, GRRIN took me in and put me with a foster family. Well, we thought it was going to be temporary, but it turns out that we’ve all gotten pretty used to each other and we’ve decided that we’d all like to keep it that way! I have officially become a permanent foster! This means that I will still be under the care of GRRIN, … Continue reading

  • #19-35

19-42 Lexi

Hi everyone! I am Lexi. As you have read on the Happy Tails story, that I came into GRRIN with my older “brother”, Kobe. I had always lived with him. We were a pair, for sure. Our original family was moving and could not take us with them. We were so lucky to come into the GRRIN family! We got to live with Amy and her dog, Lilly. Lilly was very good about giving us space and freedom in the home where she had always been the only dog. When we came into GRRIN, the vet found a big lump … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Amy & Lilly
  • #19-42

20-04 Faith

Faith was rescued from a breeder in Missouri on February 29th. She was initially very timid and scared of her older siblings (Dash and Maggie) and often hid under the kitchen table or in between your legs. After a few weeks, she become more social, leading to Faith and Dash becoming best friends. They are constantly playing with each other and wearing each other out. Although our intentions were to foster Faith, after a 3-month foster period (thanks to Covid), we couldn’t give her up! She was already a part of our family. Faith is always happy to cuddle up … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Nathan & Kaitlyn
  • #20-04

20-03 Hope

Hope is a very happy little girl.  She came from a breeder and had to learn how to be with people and trust them.  She sure loves to be loved on!  Hope is still tiny compared to other Goldens her age.  This makes her easier to hold and snuggle with!  She can even slide under the bed to sleep.  She does love it under there! Hope has come a long way in the six months since she came into GRRIN.  She has learned how to go on walks and not pull on her leash any more.  She loves to go … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Jeff & Jackie
  • #20-03

20-06 Maizy

Maizy has been adopted! Stay tuned for her Happy Tail.

  • Adopted by: Benjamin Clements
  • #20-06

20-01 Riley (Formerly Roxie)

Riley recently got a lot of “NEWS”…..  a new, perfect home with a huge backyard, a new best friend (a golden retriever named Max), and a new name – Riley!!!!  We think that is the perfect name for her. When Riley gets happy, she bounces straight up.  Rumor has it that she has a better “vertical” than a professional basketball player!!! Riley is a very picky eater, which is ironic since her favorite toy is a stuffed fabric hamburger!!!  She does succumb to a chunk of cheese whenever it is offered, however!  Who can resist a good piece of cheese? … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Jolyn
  • #20-01

19-26 Mack

Mack is 11 years old now.  He came into GRRIN last summer.  Mack had been alone a lot in his previous home, so he was not able to get out and exercise like he should have been.  He was around 110#, and with exercise and play, he has lost some weight.  That was a major goal for this boy.  He is getting around much better now and can actually climb stairs quite well!  Good for you, Mack!! Mack found his furever family in January, but he needed some surgery before he was adopted.  He had multiple lipomas removed, 2 growths … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Grace & Gavin
  • #19-26

19-37 Max

Max came into GRRIN with his buddy, Bubba. They had lived together for a long time but didn’t really get regular human attention. Foster Mom Kristen took in both dogs, her first foster! She almost immediately bonded with Max and he took to her as well. Over time and with the help of another foster home it was realized that it would be best if Max and Bubba each had their own home and no longer needed to be together. The happy ending is that Max is at his true furever home with Kristen where he enjoys chasing balls, rolling … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Kristen R.
  • #19-37

20-05 Scout

Update! After spending many months in GRRIN’s care, Scout has found a “furever” family! I like to introduce myself to you…I’m SCOUT. Some people call me HAPPY BOY – SCOUT.… I guess it’s because I am so: trustworthy, loyal, calm, friendly, and cheerful.  Since I have been in my foster home, I really enjoy going for walks and cordially meeting other fur-friend walkers. My other very best activities are the freedom to walk around the yard and smell all the new scents, chase a ball, lay in the sun, watch the squirrels, and just relax next to my foster fur-buddy. … Continue reading

  • #20-05

20-02 Rocky

We have great news – Rocky was adopted! Stay tuned for his furever story! Hi there, I am Rocky.  I am learning to be the best boy ever.  My favorite things to do are play ball, hide my toys so I can bark at them and give kisses! I am still a puppy so I am learning so many new things. I am a little goofy and sometimes a little clumsy.  My foster parents said I am doing great with house training and I haven’t had any accidents so I am pretty sure I have that one down.  I like … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Stan & Amy
  • #20-02

19-45 Ella

Early last year, our quiet little family decided we needed a jolt of excitement and enthusiasm in our lives. After finding Ella on GRINN’s adoption page, we fell in love immediately. Ella was born with a genetic condition called cricopharyngeal achalasia, a condition that affects her ability to swallow correctly and can cause her to accidently inhale food or water. Because Trent is a veterinarian and Karen is in the medical field, we felt comfortable taking on the extra challenges and adaptations for her care. Ella joined our family in April after several weeks of anticipation. Quiet and reserved at … Continue reading

  • #19-45

19-08 – Rigley

Rigley was adopted by his foster family – stay tuned for his “furever” story!

  • Adopted by: Kevin and Robyn
  • #19-08

19-44 Gracie

Beautiful Gracie officially joined Barb & Bob’s Pack on January 5, 2020. Her previous family surrendered her to GRRIN in order to keep her safe – a dog in their pack could not learn to get along! Gracie’s two favorite spots in her new home are her fuzzy bed and as close to her mama as possible! She’s  learned to walk perfectly on a leash next to her brother, waits for her food, and has learned to “sit” and “chill.” She is naturally affectionate, quick to learn and owns that trademark Golden “smile.” She is  polite to other dogs, kitties, … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Bob & Barb
  • #19-44

19-24 Mollie Sue

Hi there! Mollie Sue here just wanting to tell you about my fabulous forever home with Mario and Linda! This is the BEST place ever! I spent almost all my life out on a farm having babies and then I somehow got away from that life and spent a little bit of time with a different family, but we all knew that the perfect home was just around the corner and sure enough, there were Mario and Linda, ready to give me the best life EVER! We had a big C-word scare when I first got here, but I had … Continue reading

  • #19-24

19-39 Tripp

Hello, from Tripp Foster Teske!! Yes, that is the name I was given when I arrived at my new home after being rescued last October. I was transported by a really nice lady from GRRIN and brought to a fantastic home…I had never seen a real home before. This other really nice lady carried me into this home because I was too scared to move at first. I now know it was her home, and I was greeted with all this love and attention. I didn’t know what was happening. Who are these nice people, why do they like me, … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Chad & Amy
  • #19-39

19-40 Hallie

Look at me…Hallie. Don’t I look really happy? That’s because after several months, I was adopted and now have my fur-ever home. Somehow, just before the holidays, I found myself alone and wandering the streets. Fortunately, I was found and taken to a shelter where it was warm, they fed me, took me on daily walks, and gave me medical care. The shelter contacted GRRIN, and wonderful volunteers came and picked me up and took me to my foster home. Immediately, my foster family knew they permanently wanted me to stay and named me HALLIE. But, I had some persistent … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Terry & Wendy
  • #19-40

19-29 Splinter

All I Want for Christmas is…my new, fur-ever home. And you know what? On a  cold, snowy Sunday before Christmas, I got my Christmas wish…I was adopted by my foster family Doug and Tanja. I also have a new Golden fur-brother, Ollie; he’s four months older then me and we are quite the dynamic duo. My foster mom and dad knew immediately that they wanted to adopt me, but I needed to have some training on how to be a well-mannered Golden. My fantastic trainer, Laurie, taught me so much: I know my basic commands and learned proper leash walking … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Doug & Tanja
  • #19-29

19-06 Sophie

Guess who’s adopted! Sophie’s foster family officially made her a permanent part of the family. Sophie has progressed considerably and will continue on the path to becoming a “normal” dog with the help of her pack buddies and humans.

  • Adopted by: John, Brenda & the Pack!
  • #19-06

19-33 Ruby

Ruby Dooby Doo – Where are YOU? She is at here forever home with Keith, Laura, and her new golden doodle brother Koda – that’s where she is!!!! “Ruby Dooby Doo” (as her foster dad, Jon, named her) loves to wake up early to play. The sun is her alarm clock! “Jinkies”, Keith and Laura hope she outgrows this “being a morning pup” thing. She loves to play in her big backyard with Koda. They gallop and gallivant around until 7-year-old Koda just can’t take is anymore. She is definitely getting him into shape! Ruh Roh!!! Ruby has outgrown her … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Laura and Keith
  • #19-33

15-04 Bogie

Bogie has been adopted!! Stay tuned for Bogey’s Happy Tail. Bogie’s back! We have a saying, “Once a GRRIN dog, always a GRRIN dog,” and we mean it. When Bogie’s owner could no longer provide the detailed care he needed, GRRIN volunteers were able to step in immediately. Bogie first entered GRRIN in 2015 when his owner could not physically care for a dog with paralysis (his original story is below). Upon re-entering GRRIN, Bogie stayed at Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital while GRRIN sent out a plea for a foster family that could manage the bladder expression needed for his … Continue reading

  • #15-04

19-36 Hudson

Hudson here, and boy what a busy guy I have been this fall. I came to GRRIN and met Andrew who was waiting patiently for an opportunity to meet someone just like me. What a great dad he has been, so I have to say I am really lucky. We go together like peas and carrots. I get to spend a lot of time walking my neighborhood, going on car rides, and playing tug and fetch in the yard. I also have an awesome bed by the front window where I can keep an eye on the exciting things that … Continue reading

  • #19-36