Happy Tails

Our goal in GRRIN is to get every foster dog to their forever home. Each “Happy Tail” is a reflection of the caring effort shared by volunteers and the families who open up their homes to a rescued Golden Retriever.

Would you like to submit a story for your recently adopted dog or send an update for a former adoption? Contact GRRIN at webmaster@grrin.org.

19-18 Annie

Just in case you are wondering, it is true, there is love at first sight and some stories really do have a happy ending. Recently when my owner realized I was too much for him to manage he turned to GRRIN. I am so happy he trusted GRRIN and they have certainly done right by me. I am around 8 years old, but I see no need to bother with numbers. As is usual, when GRRIN takes a dog into their care they take them to a vet to confirm there are no health problems. I am a big girl, … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Jane & Jacque
  • #19-18

19-03 Charley

Charley has been officially adopted by his foster family! Stay tuned for his “furever” story. Charley is a sweet senior who is enjoying his new foster home! He has undergone some medical testing like many seniors do, but he is ready to meet families and attended his first meet and greet!

  • Adopted by: Gary, Robin & Flash
  • #19-03

18-16 Daisy

Daisy and Sydney will remain in their current foster home “furever”! We are so excited that this wonderful pair of friends will stay together and not have to move again. Stay tuned for their updated adoption story. That’s my name! I’m kind of sweet like the flower, and you don’t have to pull any petals off to know you would love me (vs. love me not!). I just weighed in at 56 pounds, and the vet said I’m quite healthy. I love to go on walks with my “big little” sister, Sydney. My foster mom said a harness and expandable … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Gary & Beth
  • #18-16

18-17 Sydney

Daisy and Sydney will remain in their current foster home “furever”! We are so excited that this wonderful pair of friends will stay together and not have to move again. Stay tuned for their updated adoption story. You are right! I don’t look like a Golden retriever, but I’m related to one, and we are a package deal! That 7-years young Daisy has been with me since she was a puppy, so I’ll take credit for all the good stuff she knows. I tend to be the calm, observant girl, and my foster people consider me a 30-pound wonder. Age … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Gary & Beth
  • #18-17

19-15 Riley Jane

Look at me…. Riley Jane, in my very own back yard. I love everything about my new home, especially my big, back yard where I can run, play ball, or just lay around soaking up some sun. I know my previous family will be happy that I now have a new fur-ever home and it has a yard. My new mom, Linda, just couldn’t resist my calm, loving personality: so she adopted me. We have a lot of fun together going for walks, meeting new, friendly neighbor fur-friends, playing in my yard, going for car rides, and I’m even going to go to school … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Linda
  • #19-15

19-10 Penny (formerly Dolly)

Dolly has been adopted – stay tuned for her furever story! Dolly entered GRRIN with Trevin and Russell – all retired breeding dogs – in mid-March. She is enjoying living with a family and other friendly Goldens. Stay tuned for a more detailed story about her progress!

  • Adopted by: Jud and Danette
  • #19-10

19-13 Jack

Jack has been the perfect dog ever since he found his furever home with Joe and Rita! He has helped make his new family’s house feel like home again. It took him a couple of days to understand that the huge yard was all for him; so at first, he stayed close to the house. Now he is comfortable and happy running all over the yard. Jack loves to snuggle up with his family and is a happy playful puppy. He is learning to chase squirrels and is excited to grow and learn from such a wonderful family.    

  • Adopted by: Joe & Rita
  • #19-13

19-09 Hanna

Hanna was adopted! Stay tuned for her happy tail! Hanna was surrendered to GRRIN due to uncontrollable circumstances. This beautiful girl has adapted quickly to several changes before getting to her foster home. We don’t expect anymore changes for her though, because her foster family would like to make her a permanent member of the family!

  • Adopted by: Kelley
  • #19-09

18-19 Cooper

Cooper has been adopted! It took a few months to find the right home for this busy youngster, but he’ll have a wonderful time with his new adoptive parents and dog buddies, Leroy and Crosby. Stay tuned for his official happy “tail”! Hi! I am Cooper and I am 9 months old. I am your typical puppy. I like to play a lot with the resident dogs that I am living with. I am a curious guy. I have to check out every corner around my house.  It is so nice to have lots of toys. I need to chew … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Brian and Abby
  • #18-19

19-07 Cav

Cav has been adopted! Stay tuned for his “happy tail”. Many people get my name wrong. Cavalier, Calvary and Cavalry. But if you just call me Cav, I will respond to you. I am a 5-month old puppy – and am puppy from head to toe. I have all the puppy energy a puppy should have, but I can settle down when needed. I love to play, whether it is with other dogs or with my human family. I engage with toys also, as my foster family will tell you. I came to their house with an old shoe as … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Brent & Brenda K.
  • #19-07

19-04 Brody

Hi everyone, I’m Brody. For my entire life of five years, I was a breeder dog where every day was the same: nothing new, same living conditions day after day. Then one day everything in my life changed. People came and hugged me and told me everything will be fine. I went for a car ride which was kind of scary for me. Then I went to a house where there were steps (yikes!); there were clean bowls with food in them where I could eat; a blanket and pillow where I could lay down and sleep; and toys that I could play with; and … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Paul & Sharon
  • #19-04

19-01 Roxy & 19-02 Abby

Hi, I’m Roxy, a 4-year old Golden Doodle. And, I’m Abby, a 7-year old Havanese, and we are totally the very Best Fur-Buddies Forever (BFBF). We are inseparable. That is why when our life-time owners had to make the difficult decision to find a new fur-ever home for us, they wanted to be sure we stayed together. They contacted GRRIN because they knew GRRIN would find the perfect home for both of us to stay together.  And they did. We went to a fabulous foster home where everyone was so nice and made us feel so comfortable and happy. Immediately, … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Brian and Caren

18-18 Carley (Sarge)

Hey, this is Carley! You probably recognize me as the GRRIN dog previously known as Sarge, right? I have a new name to go along with my wonderful new forever home and life with Kevin, Pam, and Abby. Guess what – Abby is a GRRIN dog, too!! Everything has been going great with me ever since the folks with GRRIN made sure I landed in an awesome foster family who took such good care of me. I had a little bit of growing up to do – maturity wise – but I am so eager to please that learning to … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Kevin and Pam
  • #18-18

18-14 Charley

Charley was adopted! Stay tuned for her furever story. Charley is a sweet F-4 Doodle doing well in foster care and ready to meet families! She’s young but has a more mature attitude – no wrestling buddies for her! She would do well as an only dog and companion to humans that have a lot of time for her. To learn more, contact GRRIN.  

  • Adopted by: Brandon and Chelsi
  • #18-14

18-15 Chloe

Remember me, Chloe…the little Golden-Doodle. Well, I have some exciting news…I have been adopted and have a new fur-ever home. I am so happy…it is everything that I have dreamed and hoped for. This great family heard about me from GRRIN and wanted to meet me. Of course, I was on my best behavior, and they decided that I would be a perfect addition to their family. I now have two young human siblings to play with and a senior, small resident dog who really likes to play and be nice to me. There is a huge back yard for … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Dennis and Holly
  • #18-15

18-12 Maggie

It’s Maggie Mudd here…you did find me in my new home. Since I was just a small, four-month old Golden, I was lucky to have a family who chose me to be a part of their family. They took really good care of me. But, now that I am two years old, the family thought I might be happier in a new fur-ever home. But, they wanted to make sure it would be the “right” home for me. So, they called GRRIN knowing they would find the perfect family and it would be my fur-ever home. It didn’t take long. … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Cindy
  • #18-12

18-13 Marley (now Bailey J)

Hi Everyone! I am Marley, but my new mom calls me Bailey J! I was adopted by Linda G. on a very wet Sunday in October, at the Gold Rush event in Bellevue. I am so very fortunate – I have a 4-legged brother name Zach. We got along almost instantly. We love to run around the back yard, chasing each other, and playing tug of war. I still have some basics to learn, but I am trying hard as I really want to please my new mom. My mom wants me to become a therapy dog, but right now … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Linda
  • #18-13

18-10 Buddy

Hi Everyone. I have found my furever home with my new Mom, Jan. I could not be happier. And neither could she. She is retired and we are home together all the time. We are pretty much bound at the hip. We go for walks throughout the day. We go downstairs by the fireplace every morning and evening as I have met such great people who stop and have to make a big deal over me and everyone tells me what a good boy I am. (I already knew that though). She took great care of me while I was … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Jan
  • #18-10

18-11 Carson (formerly Pancho)

Who’s the happiest dog in the world? Carson is, that’s who! Oh wait, his Golden brother Cooper and new mom and dad are over the moon, too. They write: Carson can be best described as a sweet, loving bear! He is very mellow but has no problem turning anywhere into a wrestling ring. He and his brother Cooper make a perfect pair because they are both young and are ALWAYS ready to play. However, together they are learning when it’s necessary to take a break. Our home truly feels complete! Thanks to Carson’s foster family, Scott, Kelly & Zach for … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Anthony, Josie & Cooper
  • #18-11

18-09 Snickers

Snickers…you might think that is a funny name for an eight-year-old Golden, but I am really getting used to that name. You see, somehow I got lost in the country amid cornfields, dirt, hot, and rainy weather. I didn’t remember what my name was because I didn’t have a collar on. One day while I was just walking around in the country, a wonderful man saw me. He picked me up and took me home with him where he gave me water, food, and comforted me, and he named me Snickers. He tried to find who my owners were; but, … Continue reading

  • #18-09

18-08 Charlie

It’s been six months since I was released. I did my time producing many litters of beautiful puppies for the commercial trade and now it’s my turn to kick up my paws and become a house Golden! I landed well with some kind GRRIN humans who felt sorry for me and wanted to help me be a real dog. They had two other Goldens living with them, kind Uncle Hudson and ornery young Daniel (The Boys). I had a rocky start with tummy trouble and being so very afraid all the time. I’ve slowly learned how to go in and … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Colleen
  • #18-08

18-07 Wrigley

Wrigley has been adopted and is enjoying his new forever family and Golden Retriever sister. Thank you to everyone who contacted GRRIN about adopting him! Hi everyone! Notice anything different about me? I’m a Doodle! Yes, GRRIN rescues Doodles like me! I look like a grown-up dog but I’m still just a youngster at ten months old. My first family loved me very much so I’m a snuggly, sweet and well-adjusted guy. I’m doing great with with my foster parents, their son, and the resident dogs. I just got my summer hair cut – what do you think of my … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Vonn & Sue
  • #18-07

18-06 Mattie

Mattie was adopted! Nine year old Mattie girl thrived in foster care with Danny and his dog, Cesar. Mattie was very friendly and relaxed when she met her new adoptive mom Kate and was totally won over when Kate sat on the floor with her to play with toys and cuddle. Kate has two teenage kids who are experienced with dogs and very responsible with them. There is also a very mellow male basset hound member of the family who gets along great with other dogs and will enjoy Mattie’s company. Thanks go to Danny and Cesar for their patient … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Kate
  • #18-06

13-20 Frosty

Update: Frosty was officially adopted on May 23rd by his foster mom, Marie! Welcome Frosty to GRRIN! He was originally fostered by our rescue group in 2013 when he was brought in at eight weeks of age with severe frostbite. He was born at a puppy mill in March during an exceptionally long and cold winter, and suffered permanent scarring to his nose and eyebrows, along with the loss of two digits on each of his front paws. But you will never a see a frown on Frosty’s face – he’s a typical happy-go-lucky Golden who doesn’t understand limitations. Frosty’s … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Marie
  • #13-20

11-35 Sam

Update from Sam’s family! (We LOVE updates!) Our family adopted Sam in August 2013. We thought it was time for an update! Sam continues to be a very special part of our lives. Our oldest boys are grown and out of the house. He keeps our girls running and loves to play! We recently found some dog toys (pictured) at Costco that are quite durable and last a few days rather than a couple hours with Sam! You can count on Sam to take care of whoever happens to be sick in the house and he tends to make the … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Susan & Dan, Nick, Jake, Gabi, Grace and Becca.
  • #11-35