Happy Tails

Our goal in GRRIN is to get every foster dog to their forever home. Each “Happy Tail” is a reflection of the caring effort shared by volunteers and the families who open up their homes to a rescued Golden Retriever.

Would you like to submit a story for your recently adopted dog or send an update for a former adoption? Contact GRRIN at webmaster@grrin.org.

16-16 Nala

Update for Nala: After several months of special care in her foster home, it has been decided that Nala should remain with her foster parents indefinitely. We believe that she will thrive by staying in the same home and continuing to receive physical therapy treatments. Nala attends many GRRIN events – we hope you will get to congratulate her in person! Hi There! My name is Nala and I am about 9 years old.  I was found as a stray, but I am living the good life now in my foster home with my doggie brother Marley and my doggie … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Gary & Connie
  • #16-16

17-01 Cooper

2017 has been good to me! I got a new family and a new name. It turns out that there was another Cooper right across the street from my new home, so my family decided to change my name to Charlie. I like it! It fits me! My new family is great! It includes a mom, dad, brother, sister and 2 cats to keep my company. I am learning my place in the family; I am the youngest one here. I am learning the rules and learn quickly. I know tricks; sit, lay down and shake. I am a bit … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Jason & Margaret
  • #17-01

16-11 Mollie

Mollie is settling into her forever home beautifully. She is one of the rescue dogs from Turkey and we often wonder what her life was like there. Then again, maybe we wouldn’t want to know! We are very grateful to everyone involved in saving these wonderful animals. Thank you all so much! Mollie is learning voice and hand signal commands and is a quick learner, especially when treats are involved. She loves her morning truck rides to the lakes and her afternoon walks in the park. She also loves to be groomed which is a good thing because she likes … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Ken & Micky
  • #16-11

16-25 Finn

Happy New Year 2017! I was adopted by Marianne and Glen on December 12th, just in time to go to two Christmas gatherings where I was a big hit (they say they can take me anywhere). I had been in a couple of foster homes because I was surrendered by my original owner. I love people and I love my new forever home, where I have the run of the house. My parents are retired and home most of the time, which I really like. They call me a perfect dog all the time and tell me how much I … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Marianne & Glen
  • #16-25

10-77 Bailey

Bailey here! I was adopted by Terry and Christina back in August, but I’m just now finding time to send out my update (gotta get those holiday cards in the mail!). You can see from my GRRIN number (10-77 means I was in foster care back in 2010) that I’ve been in and out of the system, but it’s not because I had bad owners, “life” just happens sometimes. Thankfully GRRIN will always take in one of their own and give them another chance. I even got to stay with my former foster mom! It didn’t take long for a … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Terry & Christina
  • #10-77

16-08 Zoey

Hi everyone! Are you ready for Christmas? Well, I already received the greatest gift a few months ago when I was adopted by Michael, Nicole, and their kiddos. I was surrendered to GRRIN because I started to have seizures and my family didn’t have the right environment for me. I missed them but started living with a really great foster family. Jeff and Tori evaluated my health and made sure I got along with their three children. I even got to play with the resident Golden brothers – we had a blast! It didn’t take too long before Michael and … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Michael & Nicole
  • #16-08

16-24 Peaches

Change is good, but sometimes it can be very scary. My change came on Halloween night 2016. I left my two and half years, lifelong living environment to become a family member of GRRIN. Everyone was very nice to me, but everything was very new to me and it was very scary. I went to live with my foster family, Chris and Janez and their resident Golden Sayde. They were so patient with me. I learned to live indoors, go in and out of doors, eat around people and other dogs, ride in a car, play ball outside, and go … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Doug & Kristi
  • #16-24

16-23 Sparky

In January Sparky joined our family. He is the third golden retriever in our family and fits in beautifully. He enjoys the cats and loves to sleep on the bed. He is a lover and a great addition to our family!

  • Adopted by: Robert & Jill
  • #16-23

16-20 Reily

Update! Reily is going to move to a permanent foster home where he will live the rest of his life in GRRIN’s care. Stay tuned for a new story and pictures. We are so grateful for foster families that love our Golden oldies!  

  • #16-20

16-21 Sammy

Hi – Sammy here!  I am so happy to finally have my furever home. In December, Jim and Jean took me into their home.  I am making some adjustments, but settling in well.  I still do not like to be left alone, and on occasion I did not realize that Jean was still home when Jim left, but once I realized this, I settled down.  Jim is my best buddy and we go for daily walks.  There were a lot of people over during the holidays and I was not used to that, so I have to learn to be a … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Jim & Jean
  • #16-21

16-22 George

George here, checking in with all of you wonderful GRRIN people.  Thanks to all of you for finding me a great home!  I love my new buddy, Scott.  I follow him everywhere around the house.  I even go up a couple of stairs at night to go to bed.  It does take me a few minutes to get there, but I do it!  I sleep right next to him on the floor.  I can’t get too far away…no way! He taught me a new trick:  how to ring a bell to go outside.  Who said you can’t teach an old … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Scott
  • #16-22

Cooper 16-19 (AKA Jupiter)

I have a sister! Yes I do. She is just a little older than me. We are the best of friends. Her name is Charlee. We play together ALL day long! She is a beautiful girl. She has shared her toys with me and everything! I even shared the ones that my foster parents gave me with her too. I am an active boy. I love to go on walks. Charlee…not so much. My new mom and dad, Tasha and Brent, take me out a lot. It’s so great to get out and going. I am learning to be better … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Tasha, Traylor, and Brent S.
  • #16-19

16-18 Gunner

Who knew a Golden could be so active? Since I found my furever home, I have been a busy little bee. I am having so much fun playing with my new furry sister, Indie, and my human brothers. And I can’t forget that sly little cat, Toby, who keeps me on my paws. Every time I turn around, he’s trying to sneak by unseen. My mom and dad, Carey and Michelle, take me on long walks daily. I’m really good at walking on a leash and am also building up my endurance in walking long distances. It seems that I … Continue reading

  • #16-18

16-17 Summer

Hello there, it’s me Summer. I’m the one on the right! To my left are some of my new family members: Judi, Amanda, Lexi, and Cody. I have experienced so many new and interesting things during the last two months. After staying with my wonderful foster family for a month, a family saw me and knew that they really wanted me to join their family. Now, I have my furever home with Judi, Rob, Amanda, and my two furry Golden siblings Lexi and Codi. I have been going on daily walks, car rides, meeting new people and other furry friends. … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Judi, Rob and Amanda
  • #16-17

16-15 Carlie

Hi!  My name is Carlie. Well, that’s my new name. Nobody knows what my name was before I was found as a stray by a nice farm family. They took care of me for 8 weeks before giving me to GRRIN. They had looked for my owners with no luck. My GRRIN foster home is wonderful, with a mom named Carrie and a daughter named Emily. They like me so much that they want to adopt me, and I’m really happy about that. Thanks, GRRIN, for finding my forever home.

  • Adopted by: Carrie & Emily
  • #16-15

16-13 York

Hi, my name is York and I am a world traveler! I came to Nebraska with 4 other Golden Retrievers who lived on the streets of Turkey. In Turkey, I did not have a home and had to hunt for my own food, but some wonderful people picked me up to care for me and help me find a better life. With some help from GRRIN and its wonderful donors, I was able to travel to Nebraska to find my forever home. When I arrived, I was very skinny and was struggling with some allergy problems that affected my coat. … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Steve, Cindy, Michael, and Jason
  • #16-13

16-12 Valentine

Valentine’s mom is working on her furever story, but we couldn’t wait to share some new photos of Valentine with her new dog buddy Cooper! Valentine is doing very well in her home and sleeps in-between her humans every night, making up for lost time sleeping on the streets of Turkey.

  • Adopted by: Ben, Andrea & the kids!
  • #16-12

16-09 Aurora

Hi Everybody! Aurora from Turkey here!  I want to tell you all that I have hit the jackpot!  After coming here from Turkey, I had to learn the ways of living with a family—Indoors! Thank you to my foster family, Papa Jon, Mamma Sue and my doggie brothers Harley and Bear for teaching me how to live inside, play and feel safe. Life has been grand and I am so excited to be with my new family, Papa Matt, Mamma Jenna and my wonderful fun human sister Penelope.  My favorite things are playing in the sprinklers (I love water), the … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Matt, Jenna & Penelope
  • #16-09

16-14 Heidi

Remember me?  Heidi?  I am just letting everyone know that I am really happy these days.  I have found my furever family.  Mom and Dad, Danielle and Micah, have made me one of their own.  I feel like I have lived here a long time already.  I am a regular family member.  The twins, Bryn and Kaeta, love me sssooo much!!  They snuggle with me all the time.  I get lots of love and hugs.  Little Gavin, who used to be afraid of us 4 legged furry ones, loves to be licked a lot.  That makes me feel really good.  … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Micah and Danielle, Bryn, Kaeta and Gavin
  • #16-14

15-04 Bogie

Congratulations to Bogie and his new furever mom, Michele! He was adopted on June 1st while surrounded by friends of GRRIN, and he also celebrated his birthday with his very own cake. Bogie has become a therapy dog and is already visiting nursing homes. Keep an eye out for more information about Bogie’s adventures! (04/29/16) Bogie has found a home! Stay tuned to hear more about his exciting new life in his Happy Tail! (03/15/16) The GRRIN adoption team has been working to share Bogie’s story.  Please read his updated bio – even if he’s not the dog for you, … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Michele
  • #15-04

15-18 Gracie

My name is Gracie and I truly believe that I am full of Grace.  You see for thirteen years I had a very loving home with kids and other furry resident dogs to play with.  I was well cared for by my whole family.  But, due to unforeseen circumstances, my family had to move and they were unable to take me.  They contacted GRRIN who was more than eager to let me join their warm an loving family even though I had some chronic health issues.  This is where the “full-of-Grace” comes in…I went to my foster home to live … Continue reading

  • #15-18

16-07 Tucker

Look at me… Tucker… not only am I good looking, but I now have a wonderful, good-looking family. Ken and Pam, and resident Golden Cali, just could not resist my good looks and active, friendly personality. They wanted to take me home immediately so they could introduce me to their family, friends, cats, and bird. I really impressed their family and friends, but the cats and the bird took awhile before they thought I was one cool dude.  I am so happy at my new home… I go for long walks, play with kids, have lots of toys to tear … Continue reading

  • #16-07

15-10 Milo

Miracles do happen when you believe…and, I guess that is why they call me Miracle Milo.  Many times during my long life of about 14 years, I went searching for the perfect Golden, loving home.  But, last July it was very hot and I was very tired, hungry, and thirsty while searching for my Golden home.  Fortunately, some very nice people saw me and stopped to pick me up.  They gave me water and food and they cared for me.  I was taken to NHS where they took the collar off that was embedded into my neck and treated my … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Cindy
  • #15-10

16-05 Ceasar (previously Caesar)

Ceasar came quickly into GRRIN as a surrender. I was contacted by Amanda, the foster coordinator, to see if I could take Ceasar on with short notice.  I was able and met Ceasar half way in Omaha on a Monday afternoon. What a good boy he was right from the start. Ceasar and I hit it off right away. Our personalities meshed very well. He is very laid back and he would just like to be in sight of his human and if he can lean on me or lay beside me he is very content. When I was given … Continue reading

  • #16-05

16-06 Cider

Cider walked into our lives on May 7th, sat down, and immediately found her place in our home and hearts. She had lots of exploring to do both inside and out. She loves her toys and likes to tease. She understands her commands and chooses to listen to most of them. She is a sweet little girl that makes it easy to be her friend. She loves the outdoors and her favorite thing to do is sit at the doorway of the sliding glass door and look out on the world. She especially loves it if the door is open … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Doris and Corky B.
  • #16-06