02-03 Callie 02-03

Adopted by:
Paul and Nancey and family

I’m Callie, and everyone says I’m a total sweetheart! I had a great time in foster care with Don and Betsy, but now I’m happy to have a family of my own. Paul and Nancey and their six wonderful kids adopted me. I get lots of hugs and attention in my new home. If anyone forgets to keep petting me, I put my paw over their hand to remind them that I need more loving! I’m on a diet, but my family has a hard time resisting my hopeful face. They had to make a rule about how many treats I can have in a day, and they also try to be sneaky with their own snacks so I won’t see them eating! They’re taking good care of me, and my new life couldn’t be better. Nancey says if she’d known how easy and rewarding it would be to adopt a senior, they’d have done it a long time ago!