03-16 George 03-16

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My name is George, and I’ve been with my human Bill for two months now. This is the 4th home I’ve had in three years, but Bill told me I can stay here forever! It’s really a great life here! I get to go to lots of places with Bill. Sometimes we go to the store, or to visit friends; but the destination doesn’t really matter—doing it TOGETHER is the best part; besides, riding in the Blazer is FUN! (I like the driver’s seat the best.) Bill understands me, and I think I’ve got his routine down now. I bark a little when I’m hungry, or when I want to go outside, or when I want to go for a ride. The rest of the time I’m pretty laid back and quiet, just thankful to finally be HOME. I watch TV with Bill, and we go for walks. And when he has to be at work during the week, Grandpa Jim comes over at lunchtime to let me out and be with me for awhile. So I’m not lonely. I’m finally relaxing into a nice life.