06-39 Buddy 06-39


Hi! I used to be called Robbie, and I didn’t have a permanent home for awhile. Now my name is Buddy, and I have an exciting new home! My new family is very busy, which I really like. All the people that come by the house like to pet me! I was a bit sick when I first got here, but I am feeling much better. I had forgotten what it was like to have cats around, but I am remembering quickly with a bit of help. One of the cats already seems to like me. Everyone can tell I am only two since I am always carrying around my baby blanket and a pillow (usually at the same time). I love to go walk the kids to and from school, have free roam of the house, and I enjoy all the squirrels in the back yard. I stay busy bringing mom things to put away, and enjoying all the attention from the kids. Thanks to my foster family and GRRIN for taking care of me and helping me fond my new home!