07-02 Jasmine 07-02

Adopted by:
Matthew and Kelly

My name is Jasmine and I’m about one year old. I was happy when GRRIN rescued me because I lived with 12 other dogs at a breeder’s house. I was kept in an indoor kennel and didn’t get much attention. A couple of the other dogs and I tried to escape a few times and that’s why I was given to GRRIN. Because I hadn’t had much experience in the world, I was a bit shy when I came to my foster home, but Beth and her friend, Scout, took good care of me and gave me lots of attention. Then a wonderful family came to meet me and took me home with them. I was pretty nervous at first, but Kelly and Matthew took turns sitting quietly beside me until I felt comfortable. I still get nervous sometimes, but I know there are people here to protect me. I love to play with balls and frisbees and I enjoy chewing on nylabones and stuffed toys. Two of my jobs are to wake Kelly and Matthew up every morning and to watch for the school bus. Those are some of my favorite times. Watching squirrels playing in the yard is fun, too. After spending my first year in a kennel, this seems like heaven to me. Thank you Bruce, Kathy, Matthew and Kelly for making me a part of your family.