07-18 Joe aka Cujo 07-18

Adopted by:
Tim and Konda

My name is “Joe” (07-18) aka Cujo (yuck). I came into GRRIN when my owners were building a new house and didn’t want to take me with them. A nice lady picked me up at the Veterinary Clinic in Omaha and said I could stay with her for awhile. She was so nice and didn’t mind that I had lipomas (lumps) all over my body and my teeth were dirty. She took me home and they had two really nice dogs that liked me. After a teeth cleaning and a good bath, I looked pretty good. It took Tim and Konda about 5 days and they decided that they had to keep me. I know it was mostly because I am so sweet. Now I go for daily walks with their black lab mix from Louisiana. We have become pretty good friends and Konda calls us “her boys”. I’m so happy to be here. It is kind of like doggie heaven for older dogs. Did I mention I am almost 12? So I got the good end of the deal and looooove my new home.