07-47 Oliver 07-47

Adopted by:
Brian, Cheryl and Red

Hi! My name is Oliver Heinz, not just Oliver anymore. I moved in with my big brother Red and my new mommy and daddy (Cheryl and Brian) almost 2 months ago. I have been so busy I am just getting around to writing my Happy Ending Story. I was very scared when my foster mommy brought me to my new home, but Red let me know it was okay and that my new world was a wonderful place. Since I have moved in mommy says, I don’t bark so much. I think it is because I am not so timid. I have learned from Red that everywhere we go there are a lot of people that just want to love on me and lots of other doggies that want to play. That’s great as long as mommy and daddy take me back home with them. So far I have been to lots of GRRIN gatherings, day care once a week, Petsmart for shopping sprees, and we were even in a parade last weekend! Red is my best friend, and we play, cuddle, and hunt bunnies together all day long. I have learned lots of new words since I moved into my forever home too! Words like “walk, sit, stay, share, roll over, car ride, left, right, and shake”. Wow! I am getting really smart. I am also learning lots of new games from big brother Red and all our friends. I really like chase, tag, and wrestle; Red is also trying to teach me something called tug. Red is very patient with me and I bet I’ll learn soon. Well it is time for me to go snuggle with my forever family, it’s what we call “sleepy time”. 07-47oliverhe2.jpg