07-61 Izzy 07-61

Adopted by:
Lidsey and Josh

Hi, my name is Izzy and I am a year and a half old. Lindsey and Josh adopted me and they say I was a great addition to their family. Their family consists of two cats, Belle and Beau, and me. I get along with them great! I get to go on a walk every morning, and sometimes a nice run. I love going on walks and glad my parents do too. I am taking obedience classes and have already graduated from Beginner class. I did so well in that they signed me up for Intermediate class. I’m the only dog, so I get all the attention—Woof! I’ve been told I’m a sweetheart, and that’s probably because I like to cuddle. What can I say; I just love my new family. Thanks GRRIN for finding me my forever home!!