08-02 Bo 08-02

Adopted by:
Michelle and David

Hi! My name is Bo, and I’m a 1-year-old energetic “puppy”. I started out life with a great family. But when I grew in size (but still had the puppy “zest” for life), most of the family didn’t want me around, and I was relegated to the garage. The Dad felt bad that nobody had the time to give me the love, structure, and exercise that I needed, so he agreed to surrender me to the good folks at GRRIN. Tim and Joel took me into foster-care, and their Goldens Harry and Elliot taught me what it was like to be an inside Golden! I’m told that I am very smart and eager-to-please, so it wasn’t long before I got the hang of being an inside dog and a member of the family. When I met Michelle and David, I knew that they were great humans. They fell in love with me right away, and the feeling was mutual. And when they took me to their home, I knew that I’d be there a long time! GRRIN likes to call it a forever-home, but I call it HEAVEN!!