08-05 Rocky 08-05

Adopted by:
Tony and Suzanne and family.

Hi, this is Rocky from Kansas City. That’s right, I’ve moved south. After a year with the wonderful people of GRRIN, I have a permanent home. I have a 12 year old boy to play with and take care of me, a dachshund named Sylvia and three cats living with me. The cats aren’t too sure of me, but we are all learning to get along. I love many things: food, walks, having my ears scratched and did I mention food? I have discovered Kongs, boy they are great when they are stuffed with bread! I also can clean your counter for you if you want. I eat anything, including the zucchini my mom had on the counter. I take lots of pills for my various medical problems, but I eat the pills like treats. Did I mention I like food? My mom says I will come to Omaha to visit my other boys who live there, so hopefully, I will be able to visit with all my friends while I am there. In the meantime, I am off to find some food.