08-23 Reese and 08-24 Rufus 08-23 08-24

Adopted by:
Zach, Kate and Riley

Hi! We’re Rufus and Reese, and we’re almost 2-year-old litter-mates from the great state of Missouri! We were rescued by a very nice couple by the name of Terri and Brad. We had been purchased by a family with kids, but they lost interest in us…so Terri and Brad took us in with the express intention of finding us a great forever-home. When the folks at GRRIN heard about us, they contacted Terri and Brad and asked if we could be in their program. After much research and consideration, we were transferred into GRRIN, where we were fostered by a great couple by the name of Zach and Kate, along with their Golden, Riley. We had a GREAT TIME!! Then a fantastic family became interested in making us permanent members of their family. We met Sue and Von, and everyone knew right away that it was a great match. We’ve now found our way into their forever-home in Lincoln. We’ve been hearing a lot about some husker-thingies, and we can’t wait to learn more! We get lots of exercise, structure, and LOVE. Thanks, GRRIN! 08-24 Rufus