08-26 Einstein 08-26

Adopted by:
Gene and Bill

I was picked up as a stray by the Humane Society. It quickly became apparent to them that I didn’t have any manners. They gave me the name Einstein because they sarcastically thought that I was kind of an airhead. They phoned the good folks at GRRIN, and I soon found my way into a very structured home where Tim and his son Joel gave me clear rules, boundaries, and limitations. Goldens Harry and Elliot and Border-Collie-mix Roxanne taught me dog manners. Gradually I learned what life in a pack was all about, and I quickly started learning commands. Tim said that I was one of the most eager-to-please pooches that he’s ever met, and was definitely NOT an airhead. I even learned to walk on a treadmill! After 9 months of hanging with my foster buds, I met Gene and Bill, who were very dog-savvy humans. They fell in love with me right away. I then met their Goldens Boomer and Kipper. It didn’t take me long to realize that I clicked with this new pack, and it’d be my forever-home! I’m continuing to get the exercise, discipline and affection that I need. Life’s great! Thanks, everybody! Hey! I’m on You Tube. Check it out here! – click here.