08-27 Hailey 08-27

Adopted by:
Patti and Jim

My name is Hailey and my new family is the best. I used to live in a dog-breeding kennel with two other Goldens and did not know what grass was, let alone the inside of a house. GRRIN rescued me from that life and showed me what it was like to be loved. I needed to have surgery on both of my eyes because I had entropia and it hurt to have my eyes open. I was amazed at what the world really looked like. WOW!! After spending almost two months in foster care, where they taught me how to be a fun loving Golden, I met my forever family Patti, Jim and their three children. Oh, and my new best friend, FlyBoy. They are the greatest. I have a big back yard to play in with Fly and a swimming pool – fun huh!! We go for lots of walks and Patti says that from behind our tails look like windshield wipers, whatever that is. Sometimes they call me Tank cuz I plow through the flowers.. but it’s just so Fly has someplace cool to lay. Thank you GRRIN for giving me this new wonderful life and family to love and who loves me!!