08-41 Ruby aka Rosie 08-41

Adopted by:
Zach and Kate

rubybaby.jpg “Hello everyone, my name is Ruby (formerly Rosie) and I am one of ‘the puppies’ that was born after my mom Morgan was rescued. Fortunately, the day I was born, Zach and Kate were with Tim working on adopting off their foster dogs and claimed me right away. I heard later they had wanted a puppy companion for my new two year old brother Riley for quite some time. I was the dominant dog in the litter and so my energy level is a perfect fit with my older brother. And, although he is older and has taught me lots, I still try to take charge of the house. Lately, I have been losing my teeth and I chew on anything I can get, including Riley. I love water, playing with my brother, performing tricks (I know sit, shake, lay, and rollover), going to puppy kindergarten, digging, walks, and being pet by my new parents. Also, I got to attend Gold Rush two weekends ago and got to meet my dad and play with two of my brothers (Beau and Joey). That was lots of fun. I am quickly growing, learning new things, and learning the rules of my new home. Both I and my parents are thankful for GRRIN rescuing me and placing me in a great home!!! Bark, bark, bark!!!”