08-42 Mackenzie aka Daisy 08-42

Adopted by:
Ivan and Diane

My name is Kenzie (formerly Daisy) – well, Mackenzie, but that’s only if I’m naughty. I was born on June 1 shortly after my mom, Morgan, was rescued by GRRIN. I was a true answer to prayer after my family’s former Golden died a year prior to my arrival. I live in a house with a lot of activity. My days consist of dozing in my pink lounge chair, playing with my favorite toy (an old broom), and chasing this furry thing that seems to follow me everywhere — my family calls it a “tail.” I enjoy being out in the cool weather and chasing the leaves. Sometimes I even catch some! I don’t think I’m old enough to understand what it means when Ivan and Diane say they “love” me, but it must be a good thing because it’s always followed by a long tummy rub. Thanks, GRRIN, for sending me to a family full of good tummy rubbers.