08-46 Gage (aka Gus) 08-46

Adopted by:
Nolan and Amy

Hi, I’m Gage (formerly known as Gus 08-46). Boy, do I have a great story for you. I was surrendered to GRRIN after my Mom got sick and couldn’t take care of me anymore – that part is sad, I know. But after only 2 weeks in foster care I found an awesome new family! I was actually an en’gage’ment (get it, that’s my new name!) gift from my new Dad, Nolan, to my new Mom, Amy. I’ve become a great workout partner for Mom and Dad. I love (and beg for) my morning and evening walks. I’ve lost almost 10 pounds since my adoption, so I have a lot more energy to play with the neighbor dogs and kids. My new favorite things are curiously following Mom and Dad everywhere, squeaky toys and playing fetch in the backyard. What a great life! Thanks GRRIN!