09-05 Jack 09-05

Adopted by:
Scott, Jenni and family!

My name is Jack and I was rescued from the roadside along with my sister Jasmine (Jazzy) 09-06. We were both found eating from a deer carcass and the local shelter asked GRRIN to find us good homes with food we can eat out of a bowl. Because at 12-weeks of age I needed to bond with my permanent family, I spent only one night with my foster family and their resident dog Henley and then went to my forever home. I then was adopted by Scott and Jenni and their SIX daughters! So I am getting lots of bonding and attention. They always had the name ‘Jack’ picked out if they ever had a baby boy… and I am their baby boy!!! I am going to be a BIG boy though! I am quickly learning commands and now at 15 weeks of age I already know sit, down, kennel up, outside, and shake. Mom says I will be heading to dog training starting at the end of March. I love my forever home and I know that Jazzy and I would not have survived out in the country! Thank you so much for rescuing us! Quote from Jack’s forever family: “We really cannot thank you enough for finding such a sweet dog to be part of our family.”