09-15 Leah 09-15

Adopted by:
Cindy and Smokey

Thank goodness for GRRIN! I have very bad allergies and my family couldn’t afford to take care of me anymore. In my new foster home I ate a special diet and tried some new medicine so that my hair would grow back and I’d look even cuter than I already did. I even got allergy tested – can a dog be allergic to grass?! Despite my health issues, my new mom Cindy met me and decided I need to come live with her and her dad, Smokey. He is home with me all day and so is their older dog, who grooms my new fur. I’ve discovered a giant patch of daylilies where bunnies live. I sit in the window and watch for the bunnies, then when I get to go outside I bounce right into the flowers. I’m only two years old, so I have many, many years to live in my forever home!