09-23 Casey aka Brewsky 09-23

Adopted by:
Greg, Brooke, Garrett and Avery

Hi. I’m Casey, formerly known as Brewsky. I am so excited because I have found my forever home with Greg and Brooke and their two children, Garrett and Avery. I also live with 2 resident cats and 2 cockatiels. When my new family came to meet me, it was love at first sight! They couldn’t stop thinking about me and I joined their family the very next day. We’ve been having a ball every since, taking long walks every day and playing fetch in the backyard. I even got to join my new family on vacation in Colorado. I could play fetch for hours and I’m a great retriever. I even bring my ball to Garrett and Avery and drop it at their feet. My family is teaching me to catch a frisbee and I have to admit, I’m pretty good at it! In my previous home I wasn’t getting the love and attention that I deserved. I don’t think I need to worry about that happening again. I’ve been having so much fun with my new family, that I think they are wearing me out!