09-25 Dolly 09-25

Adopted by:
Jon and Lana

Hello, GRRIN folks, Dolly here! I finally have a forever home. I’m a very sophisticated girl, so it took me a while to find my forever home once I got to GRRIN. I interviewed many candidates and decided to adopt Svetlana and Jon. I’m a little shy around people and good at playing hard to get, but Jon just wouldn’t stop chasing me! I was afraid Jon, Uncle Tim and the GRRIN rescuers would get hurt in the cold snow so I let myself get caught. My forever home is a dream come true and a perfect match for me. We go together like the Three Musketeers! My new Mom and Dad spend a lot of time teaching me cool things to help me be more confident. My forever Dad is gentle but firm with me and I like that in a man. I didn’t have much of a puppyhood so I need a lot of structure, but I get to play a lot, too, and boy do I like to run and jump. My favorite thing to do is ride around in the car with my family and feel the wind in my fur like I’m sailing. We go to the dog park where I can run as fast as I can but I don’t let my Dad get out of sight. Then at the end of the day I just want to cuddle with my forever Mom and Dad. After all, I am a World Champion Cuddler. Thank you GRRIN for helping me find my forever home.