09-35 Josie 09-35

Adopted by:
Frank and Kathy

Hi, I’m Josie, a newly-adopted GRRIN dog! The past few months have been quite eventful for me. After I was surrendered to GRRIN, I started to limp a little bit and the vet decided I was an excellent candidate for ACL surgery. By that time, however, my new owners, Frank and Kathy, had decided they wanted to give me a forever home. To make a long story short, they waited and waited and waited for me to have my operation and recover – which took a few months but went fine. My foster mom and her resident dogs took such wonderful care of me. Once I was done healing it was finally time for my adoption. Now I have a wonderful home and a new little brother, an Irish Setter, Hunter. In the photo, he’s the dark red guy on the right. I was a happy-go-lucky girl to start with but now life is even better!