09-36 Sophie 09-36

Adopted by:
Michael and Jean

Hi, I’m Sophie! My new mom says I could be the poster child for GRRIN’s requirement that dogs live in the house as part of the family. In my first home I was kept outdoors, where I was so lonely that I developed some bad habits like jumping up and mouthing people. I just wanted someone to pay attention to me, but my owners didn’t want me anymore because of these behaviors. GRRIN took me in, and Jean and Mike took one look and fell in love with me! I’m a devoted lap dog, and I’m completely happy when I’m snuggling with my new family! There are two other GRRIN dogs in my new home, Molly and Walter, and they play with me. We go for walks every day, and sometimes I go to doggie daycare with Walter. My mom says I bark like a squeak toy and it’s embarrassing, but she thinks it’s funny when I howl at sirens. I’m glad GRRIN found me a family that lets me know I am loved!