09-43 Jack 09-43

Adopted by:
Mike, Susan, Hannah, Caitlin, Sean and Sammie

My name is Jack. I had heard rumors that life with humans was good, but take it from me, it absolutely ROCKS! My first two years were spent chained outside, and I was pretty lonely…except when I managed to escape and run the streets! After numerous run-ins with the law, some good people decided that I’d had enough paroles and placed me into the GRRIN Protection Program. I started my journey at the home of Bruce and Rebecca. I met their Goldens Jazz and Dexter, and it was PARTY TIME! Well, for a little while…because before I realized it I had structure along with my exercise. Imagine that! My foster parents told me that I’m very smart, so I quickly realized what was expected of me. Lots of praise and affection didn’t hurt, either. One day I met Mike and Susan and their family. These were great humans, too! It wasn’t long before they asked me to be a part of their family. All I had to do was get the approval of their Golden, Sammie. No worries – I just reached into my bag of charm, and put my best paw forward. At first she played it cool, but then I won her over! Woo Hoo! I’m now part of the family – Mike, Susan, Hannah, Caitlin, Sean, Sammie, and Jack! The rumors were true! Life is good! Picture, left to right, Hannah, Sammie, Mike, Jack, Caitlin, Susan, and Sean.