09-46 Thor 09-46

Adopted by:
Rick, Carmen, McKenna, and Dalton

Hi! It’s me, Thor! I got my Christmas wish and found my forever home just in time for the holidays. I was fostered by Seth and Erika for 2 months where I learned how to be a good boy and live inside. I had so much energy they sent me to daycare so I could run and play all day. Now in my new home I have Dalton to wrestle with and McKenna for lots of hugs. I even get to help Carmen and Rick wake the kids up in the morning! I am learning to calm down when we go for rides in the car but I just love going out for adventures. The pet store is a lot of fun because I get to talk to all the other dogs I meet there. I just love my new family and as you can see, I am so happy they chose me!