09-56 Kahne 09-56

Adopted by:
Bob & Lorraine and Cat

Hi! I’m Kahne and I was adopted by Bob and Lorraine in December. I used to live outside in a kennel but now I’m an indoor dog. I love to play fetch the ball in the back yard with Bob. I also love the snow! I will go out and just roll in it. There is a Cat at my new home. I’ve never been around cats before so I barked at it the first time I saw it. I didn’t see Cat again for 2 days. Cat finally came around and now we are good friends, HOWEVER this cat thinks my tail is a toy!! My mom says she’s never seen a dog that’s soooo crazy about playing chase the ball. Some nights, I keep jumping up on the bed with my ball in my mouth, cuz I’m just not ready to quit for the night. This doesn’t make mom very happy, but she throws the ball for me to chase anyway. I have a really big dog bed to sleep in and sometimes I just jump up on the bed and snuggle. My mom would like me to sit on the couch with her, but I have great manners and I don’t get on the furniture. I’m so glad I have a new home! You can feel the love that these people have to give me. It’s sad that they had to lose their other dog in order to adopt me, I think we might have been good friends.