10-03 Charity 10-03

Adopted by:
Mike and Terry

Charity is a dog with a gentle soul that has endured quite a bit of change in her life. She was abandoned by her family but taken in by a good samaritan who turned her over to GRRIN. She is 6 years old and already has a beautiful gray face. In foster care Charity exhibited wonderful manners and got along with the family and resident canines. About the same time, a very loving GRRIN family was in the process of saying goodbye to their senior Golden. Life just wasn’t the same without a dog in the house, so Mike and Terry asked GRRIN to help them find their 5th rescue dog. Charity was a perfect choice and Mike only needed a few moments to know that she would be a perfect companion for him. Charity has had royal treatment in the last few weeks, starting with a spa day at the groomer. All she needs is a tiara to complete her new look! Apparently she has quickly picked up on the fact that she’s the princess of the house as Mike states: Charity loves to ride in my SUV and has learned that most drive thru’s have milk bones for their customers with dogs in the car. She sees a drive-up & starts barking wildly! When the person in the window asks what’s up with the dog, I simply say she’s expecting a treat & she gets one, even if it’s a people cookie – manipulative little devil but effective! Charity will continue to lose some weight and get in shape as warmer weather finally arrives. Terry has even bought low calorie snacks in the form of baby carrots to even out the amount of treats she receives from Mike! We hope that this beautiful girl will not be a stranger to future GRRIN events so that we can all give her a hug and thank Mike and Terry for giving her such a great home. 10-03 Charity he2 crop