10-10 Parker HE 10-10

Adopted by:
Susan and Pat

LIFE IS GOOD! I have been really fortunate to have people who really cared for me during my 2-year life. In my first home, my mom took really good care of me, but she also was very busy and knew that she was unable to give me the physical attention that she knew I deserved. So, I went to GRRIN where LIFE IS GOOD again. My foster family instantly knew I was a special boy. I had toys and kids to play with; went for car rides; and chased rabbits and squirrels. Scott and everyone knew that I would find my “forever” home real soon. And in just 2 short months, I impressed a retired couple sooo much… they took me right away and, now LIFE IS “REALLY” GOOD. I go for walks and car rides with my dad and mom and play with their grandkids. I have special, healthy food so that I can grow strong, and I just started training and socialization school. Boy, do I have a lot going on. At the end of the day, I can sit in my own recliner with my new stuff-less fox toy and just relax. And, if I get lonely, I can always climb up on dad’s lap and cuddle up to him. So, you can understand when I say…LIFE IS “REALLY” GOOD. Thank you to all of you who loved and cared for me, and thank you to GRRIN for being a caring organization in helping me find my new forever home with Pat and Susan: it truly is a GOOD LIFE!