10-11 Sarah 10-11

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I’m Sarah and my middle name is “Diva”! I lived my first eight years with a family where I must have been treated like a queen because the shelter where I was dropped off said I had perfect manners. I don’t tolerate cats – they are so annoying – and I wasn’t getting adopted from the shelter, so they called GRRIN to try and find me a home. I was quickly placed with a foster mom who completely understood my needs. Her resident senior Golden, Diablo, was very easy to live with, but he has sadly passed away. My foster mom, Jo, decided to adopt me and then something really crazy happened – she got a puppy! I can’t believe how hard it is to teach these young dogs to respect their elders, but as you can see from my picture, I’ve whipped this one into shape. I even share my “spa” pool in the backyard and the food dish with the young’un. I am still the queen bee and Jo loves it when I take naps with her – thanks to GRRIN for giving me a second chance to make a human happy! 10-11 Sarah he2 10-11sarah-happy-ending2.JPG