10-17 Ellie Mae 10-17

Adopted by:
Bob & Candie

Hi, I’m Ellie Mae (after Ellie Mae Clampet). I came to GRRIN because I was just a little too much for my first parents. They loved me enough to surrender me to GRRIN so that I could have a home where I was loved and well taken care of. That is pretty much what happened. My foster parents picked me up one very cold February afternoon and it soon became clear that I was there to stay. I immediately fell in love with my foster dad and he with me. He had lost his best four legged friend before I came and I was just what he needed. I have now grown into a very pretty young lady, they tell me, and I have the best life ever. I have a brother and 2 sisters to play with me and sometimes terrorize. I get to go swimming in the river and take longs walks almost every night. And my parents tell me I even have gotten manners (not sure about that but I think it means I don’t jump and knock them over). I missed my old home and parents but I know I am a very lucky girl to have the life I have now. Thank you GRINN for bringing my new family to me!! 10-17elliemaerikkie-l-eliie-ron-the-floor-and-gracie-as-a-lap-doghe2.JPG Rikkie (L) Ellie (R) and Gracie as a lap dog!