10-25 Copper 10-25

Adopted by:
Tom, Michelle, Ben, Kaleb and Jen

I’m Copper and I was adopted by the same family that adopted Zeke! He’s my new big brother and we have all sorts of fun together. Both of us came from the same situation: our original families thought we were too busy and we lived mostly outside. Now we are allowed to cause quite a rumpus and nobody minds. Even Jack, the old guy in the house, likes to join in the fun. I have a huge back yard to play in and two boys that love to play fetch. It all started when Michelle and Tom decided to foster for GRRIN after adopting Zeke; they really wanted to do something to help other Golden Retrievers. I got picked to be their foster boy, but they completely failed at fostering and adopted me! How often do three guys all get along in the same house and act as if they’ve done it forever? Michelle and Tom couldn’t let me go – and for that, I am grateful! A picture of the entire family will be posted soon because right now we won’t all sit still!!