10-26 Ryder 10-26

Adopted by:
Mary,Terry and Koko

I’m Ryder and I came to GRRIN because my former owner had to work very long hours and he knew I was lonely and needed a full-time family. Well, I found one, and it’s an interesting story. Julie, the nice GRRIN lady who helped transport me to foster care, had also done a home visit for my new family. They were very worried about finding a perfect friend for their other GRRIN dog, KoKo, but when Julie met me she just knew that I would fit in with them. She was right! I was adopted in July and weighed 102 lbs – now I weigh 86 lbs and walk three miles each night. I’ve been to obedience school and was used as the model dog for most of the commands, although Mary says I require treats to work as hard at home. I love to ride in the car and wrestle, run, and play with my best friend, KoKo. Mary and Terry are thrilled that I get along with other dogs and people – why wouldn’t I? I’m the happiest dog in the world! 10-26koko-ryderhe.jpeg Koko is on the left and Ryder is on the right!