10-29 Daisy (K-5) HE 10-29

Adopted by:
Bill and Nancy

I am the luckiest Golden ever. Bill and Nancy think I’m so beautiful and so smart. Their whole family has been here to meet me, and I was on my best behavior. They said I was amazingly calm and loving and BIG. They kept saying, “Look at those paws!” Nancy says they’re just right for me. Even though I’m only 17 months old, I am very tall, and I will need big feet to hold me up. I love my new back yard. I can race in big circles and say hello to the dogs in the yards next to me. Two of them even got to come into my yard to play for awhile. All that is great, but after awhile I just want to go back in and lay by Bill or Nancy. They let me sleep by their bed at night. The best time is in the morning when they are finally awake, and I’m invited to join them. I go to the foot of the bed and in one leap I’m stretched out between them. I just snuggle down and get loved on from both sides. I’ve been practicing walking on a leash in the back yard with Nancy, and I do okay until one of those birds or squirrels gets my attention. Then, you know how it is, I have to chase it. Except, Nancy is holding onto me. I’ll learn to ignore those silly creatures one of these days. At first, the four cats who live here weren’t sure what to think of me, but now they know I’m nice and we get along fine. I’m so glad I got adopted into this family. Everybody is happy…….me, especially! 10-29 Daisy HE2 Kearney 5 10-29 Daisy of the K-5