10-30 Duke 10-30

Adopted by:
Bob & Lorraine

Hi! I’m Duke (in the back) and I was adopted several months ago by a wonderful family. I’ve been having lots of fun and wanted to let everyone know how I’m doing. My mom and dad adopted my Golden brother Kahne (front) last December and thought he would like a playmate, so they waited patiently until they were told they could adopt again. They came to meet me at my foster home and fell in love. Who wouldn’t when you see my handsome face! Kahne and I love being together and we have lots of fun chasing each other and running around outside. Skeeter the cat even plays with us too! I’ve become a bit of a momma’s boy and am never far from her. I love to sit in mom’s lap and cuddle. Thanks to the wonderful folks at GRRIN, I’ve found the best forever home I could imagine.