10-34 Harrington aka Harry 10-34

Adopted by:
Michele, Jordi and KJ.

I’m Harrington – now shortened to Harry – and I think I like that! With two other dogs in the house, Harrington got to be a mouthful for my new mom! I seem to fit right in, sometimes sleeping with Mom, and sometimes with Jordi, my sister Golden. KJ ( a yellow lab mix) kind of just eyeballs me, but as long as I don’t get in his food before he is finished, he is okay! It is interesting being in a house of seniors! KJ is 8, Sadie is 15 and I am 10. Mom says I had better not say how old she is! Mom was supposed to just foster me for a month and then I was supposed to move on to another foster home. But she fell in love with me and couldn’t let me leave! Mom plays fetch with me, and I like that for about a half dozen times. Then I tire out and just lay at her feet, begging to be scratched! This household is pretty easy going, and my mellow nature fits right in! I am anxious for the cooler weather so we can go on more walks! But for now, I will settle for all the scratching she will give me! 10-34harringtonhe.jpg Harrington (on the right) with his new siblings Jordi (GRRIN 08-08)(left) and KJ (center).