10-35 Taffy renamed Maggie HE 10-35

Adopted by:
Gail, Mark and Sam

Hi, GRRIN folks! This is Maggie (formerly Taffy) and I’m doing great since my recent adoption. The few months have been very exciting. I was in foster care with Terry and his two Goldens and, for awhile, Daisy (GRRIN 10-29) was also at our house. We were best buddies, slept in the same crate and played like crazy. She also just went to her forever home and get this, it’s only a few blocks from where I now live with Gail, Mark and their daughter, Sam. My new mom says I’m a total joy to be around. We go on walks every morning and I sure love that! Sam has been going to summer camp every day and when she and mom leave for the day they drive by the front of the house and I push my head through the curtains on the window to watch and make sure they see me. I’m told it’s really funny from their perspective because all they see is the very top of my head and my eyes! My sister, Sam, is my new best friend and that’s the best thing in the world for us both. GRRIN does it again!