10-37 Bear 10-37

Adopted by:
Brad, Jennifer and three young'uns!

If you can imagine a perfect rescue story then I would be the star. I was found in Lincoln and taken in by GRRIN members who tried to find my real owner because they couldn’t understand why such a great dog like me would be out on my own. They didn’t have any luck and asked GRRIN if I could go into foster care and get a permanent new home. My foster family included little humans that loved to play with me! They quickly learned that I am happy to retrieve a ball for as long as someone will throw it. I don’t need to have other dogs to play with, I am happier following mom and the kids around all day. Luckily there was a family that had been waiting for a long time to adopt a new friend and I was perfect for them. My new adoptive grandma has a POOL and I get to go swimming and play with my new kids and the neighbor kids. I sleep next to the bed and in the mornings my youngest human will snuggle with me. Then the next older human will take me outside to play fetch before he goes to school. I can’t tell anyone who owned me before, but I am lucky to be with Brad and Jen now! 10-37 Bear