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“Happy endings”….that is definitely what I have found. Hi my name is Max, and I’m a 7 year old, puppy at heart, and I have found my forever home. My foster mom, Julie, did a great job pairing me up with a family that loves me and spoils me. My new family has lots going on every day. I have a new daddy and mommy, 3 little boy brothers (ages 4, 2, and 8 months) and 2 cats that just like to hiss at me. My new mommy takes me for walks and I take HER for runs. She kind of slows me down when I would rather be running at full speed. My favorite thing to do is play fetch with my bouncy ball or my tennis balls. My new family has a big back yard that I enjoy running in. I also like to watch my little brothers play on the swingset and go for rides in the van with them. Sometimes my family takes me to an open field where I can run free. I don’t go too far because my mommy can’t throw my tennis ball that far. My foster mom used to call me a “velcro dog.” My new mommy agrees with that statement because I never leave her side, I think she likes the company. If she’s downstairs doing laundry, I’m right there with her folding clothes. If she’s making dinner, I’m laying right in the middle of the kitchen floor. If she’s watching tv, I’m right at her feet. I sleep on the floor next to her side of the bed for most of the night. I’m not used to getting on the furniture but I think I have my new family convinced to let me do so, they are kind of pushovers. Most mornings I can be found sleeping on the couch when the family gets out of bed. Occasionally I find these cool things called stuffed animals on my little brothers’ beds. I like to tear all the stuffing out of them. There is one big stuffed animal that is bright red, his name is Elmo. I haven’t chewed on him at all. He’s kind of my buddy. My little brothers keep me entertained all day long, they make me feel young. I like having people home all day long, it makes me feel secure. Sometimes I like when they are all taking naps so that I can get some rest also. It’s been a nice fall this year so we have taken lots of walks at the lake and I even showed my new family my swimming skills one day. I couldn’t resist showing off jumping in the lake. My little brothers loved it, they thought it was really neat to throw my tennis ball into the water and watch me go get it and swim back to them. I’m excited for next summer when my family gets out the baby pool and I can lay in there with them! My new mommy tries to get me to give her kisses all the time but I don’t give in. The only one I give kisses too is my little baby brother. There is just something about that little guy that tastes good. I usually just sneak those kisses/licks in when he is not looking. He doesn’t seem to mind at all. He laughs at me when I’m standing next to him and my tail is wagging. I also love my two other little brothers because they give me treats. Mommy has to hide the treats from them because sometimes I convince them to give me more then I really need. They are pretty cool little boys. I had my first Thanksgiving with my new family. It was so great meeting my new extended family. I heard them tell my mommy and daddy what a good dog I was. They gave me lots of nice compliments and I liked the extra petting I got that day. I really love my new family and I think we are all going to be very happy together.

10-39 Max Forever Family 10-39 Max Forever Family 10-39 Max Forever Family 10-39 Max Forever Family 10-39 Max Forever Family
Adopted October 2012