10-40 Max 10-40

Adopted by:
Ann and Bob

Hey everyone, this is Max! Or, you’re welcome to refer to me as Major, my nickname courtesy of my awesome forever family. I think I’ve heard them mention something about folks around here having military experience. Not to brag but, as major, I have the highest rank in the household. Talk about being top dog! I’ve sure had a great experience being part of the GRRIN family, too. I was fostered by Terry (with help from his resident Goldens) and it was such a good time. I learned manners, commands and how much fun it was to hang out and play with other dogs. Then Ann and Bob came to meet me and it was clear I was headed to my forever home. Get this, when I got to their house they had a Husker bed and collar just for me! They claim I’m spoiled but I think their love and attention is just right. Thanks GRRIN for helping me find my way to Ann and Bob!