10-53 Ally 10-53


I’m Ally. I’d love to tell you my life story, but those silly humans at GRRIN don’t always know the language, so don’t know what I’m saying. Since I was off playing during keyboarding I’ll just have to tell you what the great folks at GRRIN do know about me, and let them do the typing. I lived with a family that once cared for me and taught me some nice manners about living in a house with people. It gets a little fuzzy here, but one day I was dropped off with someone who happened to be a GRRIN member. How lucky was that? These people really love Goldens, who wouldn’t, and they made sure I got connected with the GRRIN volunteers who helped me get a foster home. My foster mom, Nancy, fell in love with me. It took her just a few weeks to figure out that she wasn’t going to have me go anywhere else to live. If humans could just follow their hearts, and occasionally their stomachs, their lives would be simpler and more fulfilling. So now I live with Nancy, her daughter, and a yippy Chihuahua of all things. I’m not sure I would share this with my Golden friends, but the little yippers aren’t that bad if you give them a chance. We get to run together in a large yard and play. Though their legs are really short they can run pretty fast. I’m really too dignified to carry or catch a slobbery ball, but my new family and I find other ways to have fun together. This is the life! Do you see where following your heart can take you? I hope you never have the need, but if you find yourself in a difficult situation I’d recommend you give GRRIN a try, too. 10-53 Ally 10-53 Ally