10-59 Tucker 10-59

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Hi, all! I’m Tucker, a very easy going guy! My family surrendered me because one of their cats refused to see that I was “top dog” in the house (I lived with 4 cats)! I moved in with a great foster family, Matt, Melanie, Cameron, Paige, and their 2 resident goldens, Wrigley and Hutch (GRRIN dog). I turned on the charm and they quickly fell and in love with me! I enjoyed playing fetch in the backyard with the girls and my dog buddies. I always followed Melanie around just so she wouldn’t get lost in that big house! I loved my walks and going to the bus stop when Cameron got home from school. Then I met my new mom, Mandy and I again turned on that charm! It was love at first sight. I think my toy basket was full before I even came to live with her. We went to the Gold Rush and had fun making friends. Chasing tennis balls is my favorite activity, so Mandy purchased a ball launcher so she wouldn’t have to touch those slimy tennis balls! I don’t beg or jump on people, and I know several commands. I am still working on stay (it’s so hard to leave Mandy’s side). I love walks, car rides, and fetch. I get to lay on the couch next to her when we watch TV, but only when I am invited. I stay very close to her at all times and drop toys in her hand so we can play and she doesn’t get bored! My life is great now and I want to give my heart-filled thanks to GRRIN and all the wonderful volunteers who make it possible for guys like me to find our way to our forever homes! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!! p1020304.jpg p1020314.jpg p1020295.jpg