10-60 Parker 10-60

Adopted by:
Joy and Rich

Hi everyone, its Parker. I can’t tell you how lucky I’ve been over the past few months! First of all, I was roaming by myself in the country and I kept looking and looking for a place to live. Then one day, along came Jaycee who picked me up, took me to the vet and took me in to her home with her two resident dogs. She was truly my angel because she loved me unconditionally and took care of me and even introduced me into the wonderful GRRIN family. Then just when I didn’t think life could get any better, along came Joy and Rich who met me at the Humane Society walk in Omaha. We both knew it was love at first sight! They even printed my picture off the website and put it up on the refrigerator like I was already part of the family. I waited patiently until they were able to come and “officially” meet me. Of course I was still my handsome and charming self and I found my forever home. Life has been great! Joy and Rich keep telling me I am such a good boy! I have met so many new people and I get to go for walks and play alot. I try to sneak a bite off their dinner plates every now and again but I am learning the rules. I’m not sure how life could get any better for me. Thank you Jaycee and thank you to GRRIN for making me such a happy dog!