10-65 Stewart AKA No Mark 10-65

Adopted by:
Steve, Vicki, Heather and Tony

My name is Stewart, but some of you might know me as “No Mark”. I’m one of the 11 puppies that Gracie delivered on October 2nd. Our entry into the world was a bit of a struggle, but we soon settled down into a regular routine with our Mama. Foster parents Tim and Nikki were always nearby to make sure we were safe, socialized and acclimated with our surroundings. We grew and played and ate and chewed our way to the time that we were ready to find our forever-home. Steve, Vicki and Heather fell in love with our website videos, and they knew right away that I was the pup for them. I met their resident GRRIN dog Tony, an 11-year-old boy that acts younger than his age. Everything went well, so I got the green light to start my forever-story with my new family. The first few days were a struggle while I tried to find my way, but my new owners were patient and before long things started to settle down. Now life is great. I love playing with Tony, and he’s a great role model for me. I keep in shape by running laps around the living room couch, or running after Tony in the back yard. When he catches me I “play possum” by rolling over on my back. When he walks away, I attack him again! I love playing with my squeaky toys – my Mom says that as long as she hears the squeak, she knows that I’m staying out of trouble. It’s good to be me! 10-65nomarkstewarthe1.jpg Stewart and Tony