10-70 Batman 10-70

Adopted by:
Tim and Nikki

PHEW! It was quite a journey, but I finally ended up navigating my way into my forever-home. I started out life as the “runt” in my Mama Gracie’s litter of 11 puppies. I was called Batman because I was very tiny at birth with little black ears sticking straight out. Good thing my foster parents Tim and Nikki were always there for me because it was touch-and-go for the first three weeks of my life. For some reason I didn’t have much of an appetite and found it hard to gain weight. Tim spent many sleepless nights working to get a few drops of puppy formula inside me. When I was one week old I accidentally got caught under Mama and stopped breathing. Tim pulled me out, and Nikki gave me CPR for almost 30 minutes. Slowly I could feel my body start up again, and before long I was back! One day the “hunger button” switched on and it was off to the races! I did my best to catch up with my brothers and sisters, but still lagged behind a little bit. The nice thing about it was my siblings never held my “runtness” against me! I played and cuddled and slept next to everyone (that’s me somewhere in the pile of 11 pups). Even though I had my setbacks, I grew into a healthy, smart, bouncy puppy! One day I heard Nikki say that when you bring a pup back to life it’s hard to part with him, and they would be adopting me. WOO HOO! I’m not going ANYWHERE! It was tough saying goodbye as each brother and sister found their forever-family, but I knew that they’d be just as happy as I am! Now I’m getting the continued love and structure that I’ve known all my life. What pup could ask for more? 10-70batmanandgracie122210.jpg Batman and Mama Gracie. 10-70puppypile1126.jpg Puppy Pile.